When it all goes right…

You know what I am talking about… the VERY reason we spend massive amounts of free time running a guild on a video game.  The feeling that you get when your guild just downed a boss for the first time!  That is the best part of being a GM, watching your entire raid work together like clockwork… tossing the core, not standing in fire, targeting the totem… you name it your guild has it DOWN.  Now that makes for an awesome night raiding.

Ahhh epix….  🙂


Hello all. Night Elf rogue on the server Tichondrius. Former guild master, and soon to be one again. Now all I need is 9 signatures /sigh. Oh well, let the hunt begin. I like to run a more laid back guild, where chat flows freely and fun is sure to be had as long as things are taken care of. I’ve been playing since Fall of 2006, and still enjoy playing. My main is Illuminado 70 Night Elf Rogue, and am currently working on my Draenie Paladin. (Currently lvl 56) I hope to have a good run on Tich, and as soon as I get the guild up and running things will hopefully start to take off.

When I was running a my guild we…

You know you have them… the members of your guild that used to be officers or even guild masters in another guild but are now just regular members of your guild that feel the need to tell you how to do things. Sometimes these people blow my mind with all their suggestions and ideas about how they did things… you know back before everyone got pissed and /gquit or their guild just broke up… I mean, isn’t it obvious to them that the way they ran their guild wasn’t successful because it no longer exists? I wish I had more answers as to how to deal with these people, but usually my response is to smile, thank them for their effort and do things my way. HAHA is that wrong?

Raid Consistency

That’s one of the things that as Guild Leaders, we have no control over and it sucks.

Sunday night we went in to do Hyjal, we wiped twice on the first two bosses, which btw we have been clearing for almost a month now. Then we tighten up and do great on the next two, only to get to Archimonde and wipe for another hour on him, until time to call the raid. We go back in Monday night just for Archimonde attempts, and guess what? We down him on the second pull, clean as a whistle. Now last night we go into Black Temple with a game plan of hopefully making it to the third boss. We start the raid later than normal, waiting on people, but then go in and down the first 3 bosses, one shotting them, and finished the raid in 2 hours, which allowed everyone to get a early night, to farm, go to bed early or anything else they want to do.

We all have nights like this, and it’s one of the biggest frustrations of being in a guild. It affects both member and officers alike, and it sucks. Raid consistency. Going in one night and nothing feels right, pulls go wrong, dps just seems slower, and people die. Then the next night you do the same thing again, and dps is smoking, healers are keeping the entire raid alive, and bosses are going down in record time. Why?

If you took a screenshot of your raid members on one night, and brought the exact same 25 people the next night to do the same thing over again, it wouldn’t happen the same. It’s just part of life, people having bad days, tired, sick, just don’t want to be there, spouse aggro, along with many other factors, make it where not every night of raiding will be the same. It’s something we have to understand as players and Officers, it’s something we try to work on improving and I think we always will. If you can get everyone in your raid to play great every single raid, then you can get alot more accomplished. I don’t see it happening anytime soon, but it sure is something to work towards.

Bank Ninjas

Ok so I logged on today and what did I find? There is a lvl 20 paladin lifting lvl 30-40 cloth items from the bank. Either A. he is taking them for an alt or B. he is disenchanting them for personal gains. Either way this is not what the bank is for. If he really wants the gear for an alt he can just join the guild and if he really needs disenchanting mats they aren’t that hard to find and the guild would be willing to help him out. I just don’t understand why people have to go to such lengths, joining a guild means that we help each other, not ignore and steel from each other. What I have realized from this, and from my past guild experiences, is that every decent sized guild will eventually stumble onto unhelpful players and that you can’t have the perfect group all the time, but I believe that despite instances like this (and trust me, this has turned into quite the argument), a strong guild will take the blow (to a guild filled with a bunch of 20s and 30s this is quite a blow seeing that many of the higher lvl members gave up the small amount of gear that they find to the guild instead of selling it for much needed mount money) and move on with heads held high and hopeful.

Now my question is what should I do with the guy? I have demoted him so that he can’t take from the bank and I plan on whispering him when he comes on, but does he really deserve to be in the guild after that? Do I really want someone like that in the guild? I figure everyone deserves a second chance, but can I really hope that he’ll shape up? I hope so because I really like the guy and he’s a pretty good paly.

PS. Any one else ever had this problem?

Making it fun- a GM’s questlog

I’ve been trying for about a month now to get our guild involved in doing things together, and i’ve finally hit the jackpot.

Got those members that only play with each other unless it’s a raid? That constant group of 5 that just does their own thing? Well- here’s an easy way to avoid getting those in your guild ( or at least make it not as definite.)

We have instituted ‘Guild Farming Day’. this may be different for guild further into progression since you all have some cracked-out gear, but the idea is pretty adaptable.

We have a points system, where when you get to 15 points, the guild will farm mats for a crafted item of your choice and if there’s a crafting fee, it will come out of the GB.

Point tallies will be shown as thus:
Instance = I
-1 point for half or more of the group being guild members
-2 points for a full guild run

Guild Contest = C
-1 point for participation

Guild Farming Day (for someone else) = F
-2 points for participation

Forum Attendance = A
– 1 point per week attendance thread is signed

Each Main will have their own thread and points will be distributed in that thread.

1/23/08 (I) 1 point

^Gory earned one point for attending an instance run that contained 3 guildies.

It’s just a fun way to get people geared and get your guildies to work together towards a common goal- because, after all- that’s what a guild is for- right?

Cant Make Up His Mind

We had a lvl 70 Hunter in the guild, that had a seat on the council, everything was fine, then 5 weeks in..he left, the very next night he asked to be brought back into the guild but without his council position. (said he could not handle the stress) so we take him back…. he stayed in for about 3 more weeks then left again. sent me a email that said, “i am sorry but i am no good at group crap, have played mostly solo, but i like you and was wondering if you would be interested in a 2v2 arena team?” … i gave it some thought and said yes… got the team, set a date to start the arena play…. then the night before we were to begin, he left the team, and has not responded to me ever since.    Gotta ask, “What was He Thinking or what was he on?”

Full Time Employment Opportunities – Apply Here

That’s pretty much what it should say when making a recruitment post, because raiding is a full time job.

My guild raids 4 days a week, (Sun-Mon-Weds-Thurs) usually 3 hours each weekday night, and 5 hours on Sunday, and now that we are really starting to go through BT, we are having “farming sessions” on our off days…..and that’s just counting the in game time. For GM’s and Officers, especially in my guild, we do preparations the rest of the time. I go to work at 8am and log on my pc, open my email, and log on AIM, in that order. First thing I do is message my officers with my everyday “morn”, to which they respond, and from that point on, for the rest of the day, in between doing our REAL jobs, we discuss the previous nights raid, discuss strats, class makeup, and attendance for the upcoming raid(s), oh and how bad John Doe did. On my way home, I am thinking about the raid, on my cell with some of my officers, just getting ready to go. That’s pretty hardcore!! My wife says “It’s pretty nerdy”. But I enjoy it. It’s what makes me happy, and it’s what I love doing most in World of Warcraft.

Once the invites start, its up to us, the officers, sitting in our own little private vent channel, to sort out who we will carry from each class and why. Finalizing what bosses’ we will do and in what order, and deciding just how far we want to go tonight. For us, lately has been a ton of progression; we cleared Hyjal in less than a month, while still doing SSC, and The Eye, and starting to work on the first few bosses in BT, all at the same time. So every night is pretty much full of excitement and new loot. Which means when I log off, I am pretty pumped up, so when I go to bed, I am still thinking about how well (or bad) we did that night. This really pisses my wife off, as she is trying to sleep and eventually tells me: “Either stop moving and go to sleep, or go sleep on the couch.”… well I hate sleeping on the couch when I have a nice warm, big bed right here, so that’s were Real Life kicks in, and I start to get the rested xp.

Point is, without the officers in my guild we would be nothing. These guys and gals, are my online friends, who I talk to in game, out of game, on the phone, and through email. We are a pretty close guild, and without any of these people our guild would probably still be doing Karazhan.

To them I say, Thank you!

Fun idea for the bank

Before the new guild bank was implemented we had about 5k gold. Once people could see the amount they started adding to it big time. We now have almost 13k. One thing we do in raids is fine people. If people fall through the gaps in SSC they donate five gold to the bank. If they cause a wipe its 5 or 10. If i forgot to take ML off for Vashj I donate to the bank. Its making us rich and means we can afford to pay for everyones repairs for fights like Vashj and Kael.  Oh, payig the fine is all in good fun and not compulsory.


I am a level 70 Undead Mage named Nwb on Stonemaul. Co-Guild Leader of RAGE, an end game raiding guild. I have been playing wow since original beta, and do not plan on quiting anytime soon. My original guild was Wreckoning, where I was also GM, which was a casual friends and family guild. Eventually some of those friends decided they wanted to raid hardcore and left us, and you know what? We decided we wanted to do that to. So here we are!! I hope to share some laughs, some ups and some downs of being a GM in a end game guild. Doing Black Temple and Hyjal 4 nights a week is tough, LOTS of fun and also alot of headaches. Here you will see my experiences.