What a cool website!

So, maybe you are sitting there wondering who has the right gear, or who doesn’t have their boots enchanted, or maybe you are just wanting to see how you stack up end game style… whatever it is you want to see, have i got a website for you:

Be Imba!

I highly suggest signing up for a free account and doing the guild audit, it takes a while to load when you do something that big, but it is TOTALLY worth it!

Let me know if you find anything interesting!

Oh, and me mentioning this website has NOTHING to do with the fact that I am finally rated in top shape. 🙂


Trying to decide on progression…

So, with nothing needing keys anymore and all that good stuff, we have killed all the junk in SSC and TK, and are looking at progression.  Now we get to the good stuff… but now we have to balance out getting any gear upgrades for people that might have little gaps here and there from SSC and TK, and then of course having all the time to focus on progression.  But, of course… we have to be able to do ALL of this and not burn people out… yikes!  Sheesh Blizz… way to make those of us who got started a little late stress out!  Haha!  I am hoping we can work on progression while just adding in the SSC/TK bosses when we are bored and stuff.  Here’s hopin it works out!

Bear Mount Frustration

Okay, so a few people in our guild have decided that they want a bear mount, but in order to get a bear mount you have to know EVERY fight inside and out, you have to be able to run through the windows of a hut while mounted up, and you basically have to be able to conserve mana, while fighting, and doing CRAZY stuff… the problem here is this… you get your group together, and someone gets their feelings hurt, and why wouldn’t they?  Maybe they can do ALL this stuff, but you can only bring in ten people, so you are stuck.  The bear mount run is a really cool thing, but should you sacrifice ever seeing it just because people get their feelings hurt?  We had to last week because we had three people who got so upset that they didn’t make it in the bear group it just fell apart.  People saying “oh they can take my spot” and all that good stuff.  I mean, I do want a bear mount, but I don’t want to piss off an entire group of people while I am doing it, ya know…

A New Raid Leader

So, it seems our guild has turned over a new leaf.  Our crazy screaming annoying and just really stressful raid leader finally left the guild and transfered to another server, and at first I was actually worried about this.  You see, I am not really a raid leader of sorts.  I mean, I can totally head up the occasional Maggie’s or Gruul’s.  But I just don’t do so well with the leading of a progression raid.  Instead I am more of a deal with all the other crap we have going on during the raid kind of gal, so I was worried.  But, then someone stepped up.  We had a player step up and become an awesome raid leader pretty much out of nowhere!  And she is awesome.  She gets stuff done without being a butt, and she obviously has fun doing it.  Everyone just loves her, and I am very excited to say that Kael is officially down!  So just remember, if you have a raid leader or an officer quit for whatever reason, there is a chance that something better is just sitting there quietly hanging out in party 2 🙂