A New Guy In Town

Guild Masterpiece Theatre just got a new player!

  My name is Davarnus, a Protection Warrior and GM of Heroes of the Alliance, a PvE guild on the European realm Auchindoun. Hmm that was quite a mouthful…

  HOTA is a casual guild that has recently started dipping its toe into Karazhan and is making steady progress. We currently have 147 members, plus a bunch of alts, all ranging from level 30-70. Our minimum level is gradually increasing to both allow for our current members to keep levelling in the guild they call home, and in anticipation of having an all-70 roster once the next expansion arrives.

  I’m a relatively laid back GM, as befits a casual guild, and would never dream of forcing anyone to play a particular class or spec in the name of progression. Our members are also pretty laid back, which (I suppose unfortunately, because lots of us enjoy raiding) means we’re unlikely to get far in 25-man content, if we even make it there before Wrath. 

  Here’s me, riding my trusty reindeer through Terrokkar. I’ve actually updated my gear a bit since then, so I should really get a new picture!


Well that’s it for my intro… I have a few things I’ll be posting about in the next few days. In the mean time – be nice to the new guy!


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