A New Raid Leader

So, it seems our guild has turned over a new leaf.  Our crazy screaming annoying and just really stressful raid leader finally left the guild and transfered to another server, and at first I was actually worried about this.  You see, I am not really a raid leader of sorts.  I mean, I can totally head up the occasional Maggie’s or Gruul’s.  But I just don’t do so well with the leading of a progression raid.  Instead I am more of a deal with all the other crap we have going on during the raid kind of gal, so I was worried.  But, then someone stepped up.  We had a player step up and become an awesome raid leader pretty much out of nowhere!  And she is awesome.  She gets stuff done without being a butt, and she obviously has fun doing it.  Everyone just loves her, and I am very excited to say that Kael is officially down!  So just remember, if you have a raid leader or an officer quit for whatever reason, there is a chance that something better is just sitting there quietly hanging out in party 2 🙂