Ahh friggin Hyjal Trash!

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You want to know what the most challenging part to Mt. Hyjal so far is?  The friggin trash drops!  OMG, so how do you distribute the loot, what is a fair way to make sure people who really want it get it.  Wow Blizzard, REALLY?@!?!  You make the stuff despawn so we can’t even do it AFTER the boss is dead.  This is so dumb, I mean seriously… stupidest thing evar.

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  1. Tuna Says:

    I think what we do is have it on Master Looter, with anything Blue and up going to Master Looter to distribute, and Greens and below going to whatever raid member it’s supposed to go to. Raid members just gotta be on their toes and look out for shiny bodies.

  2. Eryn Says:

    Since I wasn’t 100% needed for every pull (dps warrior) I would tell the tanks to pull and have everyone start the next fight while I doubled back for loot. Then after the fight, I’d announce loot just like after a boss and distribute.

    This keeps things flowing without creating downtime in-between fights.

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