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I was on the world of warcraft guild relations forums, when i saw what has to be the most retarded post.

There is a girl Gm, that feels her guild disrespects her because shes a girl. Now having read through the post, it got me thinking. I’ve never had one of my guildies disrespect me because im a girl. Usually because im an alpha female and would rip there nuts off and serve them on a silver platter if they got sexist with me. But the female thing just never enters into it. Theres none of the lashes batting and simpering to get them to do stuff. I’m just like any other gm, get it done or don’t raid your choice.

It got me thinking though, i know a couple gm’s like this. The ones that are soo sensative they cry about drama at night, and can’t kick people who deserve it because they’ll feel bad about it. What does it take to be a good gm? Paitence, strength, disipline, a sence of humour, diplomacy, and the ability to crack the whip. There aren’t alot of gms with the balance for this, its easier in a non raiding guild because you don’t need the organization. But when it comes to raiding guilds if you can’t at least get a passing mark in 5 of those 6 categories, don’t bother leading. It requires a certain detachment and sence of balance to run a raiding guild. You can’t be unfair, or favour people. You can’t be a psycho and just scream at your guild when there wrong. As a gm you must endear loyalty, and commitment from your raiders. People follow you because they choose too, not because they have to. If there only with you for gear, then they will just jump to the next guild thats more progressed than you when the oportunity knocks, leaving you high and dry. 

Think about this when your getting ready to run a guild, its very important and most people dont understand it.



So my guild has finally done it, we’ve dropped khara for more time to be spent in 25 mans. After all of the arguing that people normally do about who gets in and who doesn’t there was a suprising lack of argument about it. We will see how long the calm holds lol. Hopefully this will allow us to get those last two bosses down so we can start working on vash, and kaelthas. Anyone got any important tips and tricks for these two fights they look a little insane needless to say. I was watching a vashj video the other day and all i can think is wow… this is going to be a test of my micro management skills. Suggestions would be appreciated.

On the note of khara i’ve started sending anyone who apps, without the correct gear to a friends guild that is only runing khara and ZA with the intent that he sends me anyone who wants to go farther than there guild is and has the gear. Mu ha! im sneaky 😀 but its a good exchange for both of us, i get the people hes going to loose anyways, and he gets a constant influx of people who need what there doing and will show up and take it seriously.  and hey there half trained by the time they get to me. I’m not a fan of training raiders from scratch. You know the simple stuff, like kill order, mt target list, don’t pull threat you will splat, etc…

Class balance, and recruitment.

It is inevitable as a raiding guild that once you stop taking recruits that still need there khara gear recruitment becomes harder. Now im fortunate, in that i still have many options availible to me as we have never opened our recruitment to the public. But how do other raiding guilds deal with the people who say they can’t raid for 3 weeks, do you grab someone to fill that spot or do you over recruit and always juggle people in and out of your runs?  We tend to have about 4 people sitting out every night. Any more than that and i feel guilty that we’ve got too many people. ideally, this is a healer, a tank, and 1 melee and 1 caster dps. This is the balance i strive for as a GM. Recently i’ve had alot of people who have had to stop raiding for a portion of time. There not gquiting, and they will be back but how do you fill those temp positions? Is it really fair to recruit new people knowing full well in a month your going to be struggling to get them into a raid? Or do you struggle along knowing these people will be back, hoping nothing else comes up. Currently im skirting the line inbetween. If there going to be gone for more than a couple weeks im bringing someone in for there spot. If there not then i usually hold there raiding spot for them.  I’m curious how other raiding guilds deal with this.

Kharazan, why???

How is it that a guild with over half of ssc and tk on farm could feasibly have issues in khara???

I’ll tell you how. People think its like going to mc and not worth the attention they need to pay. Yes even a guild with everything on the go, slacks off in khara. And wipes because of it. Now im all for laying back and having fun but damn!!! wiping in khara Children Please!!! I just want to kill em when we do it. So please if you are a player in a raiding guild, don’t assume just cause its on farm you can be a retard. I’ve started handing out soap on a rope in raids to the idiots… usually followed by a threat to boot them and bring in someone with attention paying capabilities.

Don’t slack off, your gm/raid leader will hate you for it.
And contrary to popular theory WE DO REMEMBER, especially when were doing invites for the big raids you actually care about getting into.

 Ok that was my posting spurt for today, might have something more for you guys on the weekend.


PS: that thing above where it says were friendly, i didn’t read that on my volunteer email. I am not friendly, but i do like to rant 😛

Where do the recruits come from??????

My guild is not a public guild.
We don’t recruit publicly ,were not on the progression forums, we don’t run pugs. hell Im not even in the forums recruiting threads. Since i started the thing we have never ever spammed for members or even dropped a hint were recruiting.
So this begs the question how the heck am i turning 10 + people away from the guild a week that don’t know anyone in the guild. I mean i ask this question, and get a oh i’ve heard your a good guild.
FROM WHO?????????
Oh just around.
I mean not that im complaining about the whole not having to recruit thing, but we apparently have a rep.
I have a gm in another guild that litterally obssess about me and my guild. He apparently spends his time bashing us. I didn’t even know who he was until one of my new recruits who came from his guild told me.
All i can say is just Wow, get over yourselves people!

On a side note, i mentioned to my guild we were short healers like a week ago. I now have like 3 more than i need, and 4 more that have apped in. I think my guildies have lists of people that are just waiting for a spot to open up.
He he, ahh well its much better than scraping for people ! /cheers.
I’ve done that a long time ago in another guild it sucked butt. I must have done something right this time.
learn from your mistakes gm’s, be fair, and don’t back down. If you pur a rule in place don’t ever let people walk on it. Never be afraid to gkick those that are not appropriate. This is btw, the 3rd guild i’ve run in two mmorgs.
And im kinda a big influence in my vanguard guild i think if i had more time i’d probably rule the roost there.
Do any of you gm’s have issues sitting back and letting someone else run stuff?
or are we all, full of opinions we know are good and think everyone should listen to even if they don’t take the advice? I think thats part of what makes a good gm. Being able to grab something by the balls and run with it, The backbone being the other part of course.


Belle’s method of dealing with the drama!

Well, first i tell everyone who joins my guild that i will kick your ass out if you start it. And i’ve been known to enforce it on multiple occasions. But sometimes you’ve been grinding away so hard people just loose it over some stupid stuff. Well i had one of these incidents over khara loot of all things. So i decided it was time to blow off some frustration guild style.
The announcement goes up Guild event Sunday 5pm.
Everyone ponders what it will be but, being me i’m as tight lipped about it as a virgin on her wedding night.
Well the time rolls around and i tell everyone to go make level 1 alts, i’ve lined up the locks in the stv arena, and bam its level 1 come as you are tourney style.
This was highly entertaining, we pitted a raid of level ones up against a 70, put them up against each other handed out prizes and fun was had by all.
We followed this up on monday by downing solarian and getting some good time in on alar, he will soon join the ranks of the slain.
As we all know occasionally a break is required. Don’t forget we play wow for fun. Don’t make it a job to your guild.
I’m also looking for ideas on what some of you do for fun stuff to break the stress of your guild.
With vash in our near future i expect well need the ideas.

I’d also like to point out that solarian went down like swiss cheese where as the week before in an hour all we succeed in doing was getting our raid blown up alot ~!


Raid Leaders, Why is it so hard to train one?

I must say, I am recently trying to train an officer to run the raids when needed. Just small stuff like khara and za, or bosses that in theory we have so far on farm we can do them in our sleep. We all credit the stability and success of a raid on the Mt, and the main healers, you can have slightly less on the ball people for anything else but those positions have got to be the best. It just never works if you don’t.

But what about the raid leader, does a slightly less on the ball raid leader really make or break your raid? Does the raid rely on those calls for the things they should be watching that much. Is everyone really that immune to the bars, the warnings, the mobs running around? I mean when your halfway through ssc, do you really need your raid leader to tell you so and so is sacrificed on illhoof in kharazan? In theory, we’ve all been doing this for months and it should be autopilot, i mean khara clears in under 4 hours every week both raids for badges mostly, put a new raid leader in to take charge and all of a sudden its a two night event. Is this due to the raid leader or people not paying attention.

I wondered this, so i decided to get sneaky and slip into the vent channel with the announcements off and see what was going on. I slipped in and i listened to the raid, the new leader was doing much better this week, but it all seemed so stiff, there wasn’t allot of communication, and everyone was quiet because the prior week they had spent the entire raid overriding the raid leader and ignoring the instructions, or outright contradicting them even though they were the correct instructions. So of course they got balled out for that. But all of this brings me down to one question.

No matter how wonderful your raid is, does your raid leader make or break it?

And if as i suspect this is the case, what do you do when you find you need to train a new one, and no one has the  certain something it takes. I’ll tell you now theres not alot of good raid leaders out there that can hold there temper, and solve the problems the raid runs into. I find as time goes on that the people who could be good raid leaders are scared to step up, due to former issues where there stepping up was considered an attempt to take over and caused conflict with the officers.  And so this one way monologue, waunders into a conversation on drama and maturity.

Where do you as guild leaders and members draw the line? We all know the line, the someone that is trying to show there worth, but ends up arguing with the gm instead of listening as they should be. Or the raid leader who can’t handle people stepping up to help them out because they are so much in control. BTW this is me to a slight extent, if im in the raid im in charge Period, Exclaimation point, were doing things my way and no one elses. However i fortunatly listen to my officers and my way has been developed through research and trial and error.  So at least i temper the control freak in me with a little moderation.

 Another question to the guild leaders, Why are you a Gm? Why do you day in and day  out deal with the difficulties, the trials the stress and the sheer time from your real life to be a guild master and raid leader. People rarely thankyou for it. 

I think these are all good questions you should ask yourself. If your confortable with the honest answers more power to you. Anyhoodle back to work now, thats my meandering for the day. Ill put up an antecdote next time i think.


Support, why are they all so inattentive??

Ok i’m sure you have all run into this, and yes its not directly related to gaming but its something i use inorder to raid 😛 I’ve talked to support for a couple of games and most recently creative and there email/chat support always seems to have issues with the concept of reading your issue.  I mean i understand that you do this all day and its boring and you’ve got scripted replies, but Please people if you are going to do a job where you are trying to fix something make sure you understand the issue before whipping off a reply that has nothing to do with it and looking like an idiot!!!!

Now for the examples, heh. So i recently bought a second creative sound card. The xfi to be specific. Its snazzy sweet has awesome sound, enter the problem. I run Dual sound card’s i’ve been doing this for about 6 years now with a sound blaster and some on board sound. I recently built myself a new computer. The New pc’s onboard was realtek, and i really really hate realtek even high end realtek. So i went out and got a second sound blaster card. There not the same model, so hey there should be no problem right? Differn’t drivers and all that. WRONG!! Creative in there infinate wisdom has apparently decided that if you are installing the driver package for a product Any creative software you previously had installed must be something not in the system any longer and it auto uninstalls it. I mean comeon people you couldn’t put a damned prompt in? We detect blah is installed on your system do you wish to uninstall????? So i send creative an email about it because of course like so many companies now adays they don’t have any actual phone support. And i get a reply that reads the following.

“From the detailed description provided; I understand you have an issue
with your Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer wherein you run dual sound
cards. When installing the driver and software for one of the sound
cards, it uninstalls the other sound card’s driver and softwares.

I would like to apologize for any inconvenience that this webcam may
have caused you and I understand where you’re coming from.

However, let me just advise you that it would not be possible to use two
sound blaster cards at the same time since these may create conflict.
Therefore, I suggest using just one sound card one at a time.”

Now to add further insult to injury i’ve already got it working but the shiny xfi software isn’t, And i’m not using a webcam children… No where in the damned email i sent did it mention a webcam. And this is one of the better replies i’ve gotten lol. So what i want to ask the world is, Why is it so hard to actually read what your replying to, when this is your job? I guess it boils down to being lazy or something. Or potentially english is not there first language who knows.  Oh and to tie this into the gaming thing, I use this for streaming music to vent and speakers as well as running a headset for vent. Nothing funier than dj’ing some classic songs in vent preraid lol. You can get some really good sound quality doing it as well, but it does require some fiddling with the settings.

Oh and Woot morogrim tidewalker added to our kill list last night. He died and everyone was Hes dead really? As usual the wonky strats worked for us. but ill post another blog about that later once we’ve refined it a bit. That puts us 4/6 in ssc with lethoras, and vash to go.

Greetings from Runetotem Fellow Wow gm’s and Players

Well as one of the more recent albeit slow to post additions to this site, i will attempt to give you a brief idea of who i am. My in game name is Bellemorte, I run a alliance raiding guild on runetotem Called vindicated. Were relativity successfull inso far as we are actually making progression in SSC/TK but are no where near hyjal yet. I run an adult guild yes you read that right, adult. This means were probably less mature than the 16 year olds on the server, and pretty much everyone ill be writing about is 20 + age wise.

I’ve been playing wow since it came out, didn’t beta though. I’ve run guilds on two servers in wow, and also when i was in galaxies. I’m an extremely blunt person, and cut to the chase allot. Not a yeller and screamer though , at least when it comes to raids 😉 And oh I’m a girl 😛 This makes for some interesting wow situations. I work full time as technical support, Have a boyfriend who thankfully understands wow more important than valentines lol. Yes my priorities are screwed up, at least i don’t call in sick to work to play games…. well most of the time.

 The guild is structures as a dictatorship, i haven’t found raiding to work any other way. I’ve got two fill in Gm’s that are my voice when I’m not around, and about 8 or so officers of varying flavours. They keep peace in the guild keep the drama to a minimum, and make it so come raid time everyone is ready to roll and not pestering me with things like, where do i get the strat, i forgot my flasks, i forgot to repair, Wahhh so and so stepped on my toes. Although i very very rarely if ever get the last one.

I’m pretty wordy, and a horribly bad typer so if there’s spelling mistakes, or grammatical ones. Don’t point them out i don’t care, as long as you get the drift of what I’m saying.

 Anyhoodle, this is my introduction. Now to some of the fun stuff. I’ll be posting in spurts as i have time.