We are gettting GM’s!

Okay, so this is so exciting!  We are totally getting new GM’s to write for the site!  I have set up two different Guild Masters to write for the site now, and I have a couple of others in the wings ready to write as well, I just have to get them all set up!  This is so fun!  Thanks guys to everyone who is contributing, reading, and anything else they are doing with the blog!  I just know this is going to be a great project full of awesome ideas, and great stories!

To Kara or Not to Kara?

So many guilds are asking themselves just this right now. Should they still be running kara? At first, the new badge items and adding badges to kara made it a desirable run again, but for many of us just the sound of that soothing voice letting us know that “the menagerie is for guests only,” makes us want to punch ourselves in the face just so we have an excuse to bow out of the raid. So the question is, when can we stop going into that scary old house on the hill? I say when you have a good raiding team in place that has enough gear to be able to pull at least a couple of people through Gruul’s and Maggie. With badge gear as nice as it is right now, there really is no reason for people to continue running that place when they are bored out of their minds with it. But, if you want to try for a speed run, and maybe bring a noob or two along so you don’t have to shard all that gear, then I say go for it! Just remember that uninvited guests really upset the wait staff. 🙂

The Late Night Squabble

Ahhh, yes. It’s Saturday night, the boys have had a beer or two, and are lookin’ for a fight. They aren’t looking for a real fight, mind you… these are gamer dudes… the chances of them holdin’ their own in drunken bar brawl are less than stellar. So what’s the next best thing? Gchat of course! Now what are these guys going to fight about? Anything and everything. Although my personal favorite is the game itself. It usually goes something like this:

“Rouge’s are better than Pallys”
“HAHA you called yourself makeup”
“No, dude you’re a chick you wear makeup”
“Insert more random crap here”

Ahhhh, Gchat fights… they are so fun aren’t they? And the thing with these is, these guys are normally pretty civilized dudes (not to mention kick butt raiders). So, what do you do? You send a tell…telling them to shut up, and if they still don’t shut up… well, there is a way to make a rank in your guild that can’t see /gchat! That one is worth exploring, trust me!


I am a level 70 Blood Elf Hunter on the Eitrigg server, and I am a Guild Master! It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an epic, right?

My guild is a newer guild (about four months old) but is progressing fast. I have fun raid leaders, and a crack raiding team. I blog, and I love it!

Theater in the Round

That’s how theater began, right? In the Round? At least that is what I remember from my high school English class anyway.

Just what is this blog, it is quite simply the place for your favorite guild masters to tell you how to be the best damn guildmaster you can be. Oh, yes and to tell you the craziest, zaniest /gkick they ever had to perform!

The GMaster Piece Theater is looking for some awesome guild masters to help with the posting, so if you are a guild master out there just dying to impart your knowledge on all those other guild master noobs, we want YOU! So, send a shout out to me at jamie@totallythebomb.com, and we will get you set up to write on the blog!

This should be fun, and it just might get interesting.