The End

I am sorry to inform anyone who reads this that I will me taking a heitas from WOW for reasons that I will not specify here. Unfortunately that means that I will be giving my giving up my guild into more capable hands. Thankfully I have an officer willing to lead and he will be great at it too. So this is my resignation on as a writer here on GuildMasterpiece Theater.

It may have been short, but I am glad that I had the chance to write here and I will continue reading and commenting on the site. Good luck to yall and keep having fun!

Your 🙁 GM,

Guild meeting

Woot! we had our first meeting today a a guild and the turnout was great. We rolled around a bunch of ideas for a hour around the shaman fire totem area. we now have a banking system and regular instances shedualed. This is a huge step in organization and actualy using the guild for its purposes. Its a great way to get everyone on at once to listen to each other and working together.

Loot hates me

So we had one of those days today where absolutely nothing good would drop. We went into ZF prepared for some great new gear, but very little came up. We started out without any leather wearers and the pieces dropped like crazy. After a couple people left we got a druid and rouge, but mail started dropping every where right after the shaman quit. Then the drops people were hoping for didn’t drop. No shiny swords, no pretty cloth headbands. It was a crappy day for loot, but at least we got some stuff for the guild bank and we had a good time.

…grr I want that headband.

Fitting in

A large part of being in the guild is fitting in with the people in the guild. And while this is not usually a problem, it tends to come up from time to time.

Today some of the guildies were talking about loot and general game info and one of the new players to the game started asking about what some of the terms ment. Most of the members more than willing to be helpful and answer this guy’s questions, but after a while one of the more experiences players starts badmouthing the guy telling him to “shut up you noob and learn to play”. Now I wasn’t very happy with this and decided to send him a whisper telling him that everyone has to start somewhere and one of the guild rules is no hating. Now in the mean time the people who were paying attention to chat started to get annoyed with this guy and it turned into a small fight that ended with the jerk leaving cause he doesn’t want to play with a bunch of noobs.

Right then some of the players drew closer together, united against this jerk. Those kinds of guys can really discourage new players and really wasn’t worth keeping anyways. The guildies recognized this and stood up for their fellow member. Its times like this when I realize that all the work that I put into the guild is actually helping people, its working and that, even though its just a computer game, it can bring people together to have a great time.

Bank Ninjas

Ok so I logged on today and what did I find? There is a lvl 20 paladin lifting lvl 30-40 cloth items from the bank. Either A. he is taking them for an alt or B. he is disenchanting them for personal gains. Either way this is not what the bank is for. If he really wants the gear for an alt he can just join the guild and if he really needs disenchanting mats they aren’t that hard to find and the guild would be willing to help him out. I just don’t understand why people have to go to such lengths, joining a guild means that we help each other, not ignore and steel from each other. What I have realized from this, and from my past guild experiences, is that every decent sized guild will eventually stumble onto unhelpful players and that you can’t have the perfect group all the time, but I believe that despite instances like this (and trust me, this has turned into quite the argument), a strong guild will take the blow (to a guild filled with a bunch of 20s and 30s this is quite a blow seeing that many of the higher lvl members gave up the small amount of gear that they find to the guild instead of selling it for much needed mount money) and move on with heads held high and hopeful.

Now my question is what should I do with the guy? I have demoted him so that he can’t take from the bank and I plan on whispering him when he comes on, but does he really deserve to be in the guild after that? Do I really want someone like that in the guild? I figure everyone deserves a second chance, but can I really hope that he’ll shape up? I hope so because I really like the guy and he’s a pretty good paly.

PS. Any one else ever had this problem?

Starting up young

One of the hardest parts of being a guild master is actually starting up that guild in the first place and that goes double for anyone not lvl 70. The lower you are the harder it gets. So just how does one go about starting a guild? Your only lvl 20 after all, what can you do? Some people like to shove charters in other people’s faces hoping that they will eventually get 10 randomly chosen people who may have just misclicked the charter to sign and boom, you got a guild (without rather few members if not only yourself). Others like to bribe people with gold to sign and leave afterwards if they so desire. And of course, my personal favorite, the “we got tons of lvl 70s that will help you” ploy which is more often than not fallacious.

Well If you’ve got the gold you could very well go bribing others (had to do that a couple of times myself actually), but the best recruiting technique that I have found is simply going around the noobie zones and putting out adds for your guild and hoping that one of them will look at it saying, oooo that might be fun and join you in your noble crusade to 70 and beyond. Well that’s not too hard, but now what are you going to do with a bunch of low lvl players who can’t even do RFC yet?

Well you’ve got a foundation, now the real recruiting starts. Group up with people for quests and instances. Once and a while you will find a player that hasn’t already been recruited into a guild already, that’s your cue to pounce. After grouping for a bit and getting a vibe for the other person casually ask if the would be interested in you guild. If they say yes, great, if not don’t get angry, don’t pelt them with insults, be nice and courteous, believe it or not your reputation does exist in WOW; especially in your lvl range (which is where you want to be recruiting). If you are always nice and helpful more people will want to join your guild and soon enough you will have a group of your peers who can grind quests, run instances, or just sit around and role-play with you if that’s what you’re all about. Don’t forget to pay attention to those noobs though, in a couple moths they won’t be noobs anymore and one day you will wake up and realize that you have a walking talking guild.

Congratulations! you survived the creation process and you did it on hard work and a friendly attitude (did I mention that’s important). If you are true to your guild and honest to your fellow players you will find yourself surrounded by some of the most enjoyable people in Azeroth! 🙂

GanonIS joins the team

Hi yall, GanonIS here and happy to be aboard. 🙂 Just made a guild with a new character on Shandris server called Order of the Storm and we are having lots of fun lvling together. I am curently power lvling my 40 mage with my guild and we have had some crazy fun. 2 years of playing WOW has taught me just how good things can get
and just how badly things can go wrong.