What in the world…

‘What in the world..” is the first thought that comes to mind when i log in to see my /g goes nuts!


[Guild] Oh shit..kay’s on, she’s not gonna be happy

[Guild] someone better whisper (name deleted) and tell him she’s on quick so he can log off

It’s amazing the things my guildies think i don’t see in guild chat…

ANYWAYS- it turns out that one of my officers ( a guy i’ve known for a while now- and trusted to boot) has up and /gquit. He wanted to go to a guild that was further along in progression even though they didn’t even offer him a raiding spot. This character was our main healer for raids and a good friend too. Needless to say, i was pretty distraught over this. This all happened about a week ago. This morning when i log in, i find an in-game mail from him asking to come back and saying he’s sorry.

So here’s the question- what in the world do i do?

He’s a good guy, a great player- but if he’s going to just dump the guild when he’s officer and Main Healer for our raids for someone further progression-wise- who’s to say he’s really the best choice for the guild?

What would you guys do?

Making it fun- a GM’s questlog

I’ve been trying for about a month now to get our guild involved in doing things together, and i’ve finally hit the jackpot.

Got those members that only play with each other unless it’s a raid? That constant group of 5 that just does their own thing? Well- here’s an easy way to avoid getting those in your guild ( or at least make it not as definite.)

We have instituted ‘Guild Farming Day’. this may be different for guild further into progression since you all have some cracked-out gear, but the idea is pretty adaptable.

We have a points system, where when you get to 15 points, the guild will farm mats for a crafted item of your choice and if there’s a crafting fee, it will come out of the GB.

Point tallies will be shown as thus:
Instance = I
-1 point for half or more of the group being guild members
-2 points for a full guild run

Guild Contest = C
-1 point for participation

Guild Farming Day (for someone else) = F
-2 points for participation

Forum Attendance = A
– 1 point per week attendance thread is signed

Each Main will have their own thread and points will be distributed in that thread.

1/23/08 (I) 1 point

^Gory earned one point for attending an instance run that contained 3 guildies.

It’s just a fun way to get people geared and get your guildies to work together towards a common goal- because, after all- that’s what a guild is for- right?

Adventures in Alt-Land

Have you ever had one of those nights? You come home from work, have dinner, deal with kids, etc etc etc and all you want to do is sit down, relax and hop on WoW to kill some things? That was tonight for me. So, i deal with it all, sit down with a drink, log into my server, and BAM, chat hits me like a ton of bricks.

[Server] Server Shutdown in 3:30

 …needless to say, i’m not very happy at the moment. So myself and 4 other people in guild decided to make alts on some server with a blessed populace. Eitrigg it turns out, isn’t down.

So, one hour, 3 rum and cokes, and 12 lvls later, i have a blood elf pally. This Blood Elf Pally cannot only SINGLEHANDEDLY tank/kill three mobs, but i can heal my group while they fight other mobs too.

 Guildies and i had a great time killing mana wyrms in BE land even though we kind of wished we could use our mains.

Moral of the story: change it up sometimes! as long as you do it together, your guild will never ‘wipe’

Oh, and in conclusion for tonight’s adventures in Alt-Land, Pallies are OP ^_~

The one- the only- Kaylee!

I am a lvl 70 Human Warlock ( but only IRL). I’m Co-GM (couldn’t do it alone- we’re just too much to handle!) of the guild <Indecent> on Elune server and we’re a breakaway guild. Just a bunch of friends and some casual raiders- and the occassional wack-job or two.

We have lots of guild contests, and lots of great players ( and ten million alts)

<Voiceover>: We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.