The prodigal returns

Conclave has been said to be a guild that people can’t leave.  Its kind of true because those that do leave struggle to do so (excepting the occasional dummy spitting kid in the past).  What ive noticed is that a huge % of them want to come back later.  Even a year down the track.  We had one return to a non raiding spot today.  Told me his biggest wow regret was leaving the guild and how sorry he was.  He was one who reached 70 early and thought he was too leet for us.  Funny how it turns out hey.

Fun idea for the bank

Before the new guild bank was implemented we had about 5k gold. Once people could see the amount they started adding to it big time. We now have almost 13k. One thing we do in raids is fine people. If people fall through the gaps in SSC they donate five gold to the bank. If they cause a wipe its 5 or 10. If i forgot to take ML off for Vashj I donate to the bank. Its making us rich and means we can afford to pay for everyones repairs for fights like Vashj and Kael.  Oh, payig the fine is all in good fun and not compulsory.

Loot Council

I read lots of bad things about loot council but it works for Conclave. We used a loot system before BC which worked very well but was very labour intensive. Since BC we decided to try loot council. We keep track of attendance and loot received and go by that. If someone has scored tons of loot we might get them to sit out but thats not a common thing. Mostly, eligible people are just asked to roll on the item and so be it. We share out Tier pieces so people can get the benefit of their set bonus’ and if mains don’t want gear we let people roll for offspec. Offspec isn’t really counted as loot so its no biggy. Occasionally there is an issue where someone feels they should have been allowed to roll but thats usually sorted out quite easily afterwards.

Do you guys use a loot system and are you happy with it?

Hi from Rusha

Hi guys

I’ll briefly introduce myself before heading off to bed :). My real name is Shauna and Im the mother of four kids (youngest just started school /cry) and also work about 30 hours a week for a youth counselling service and women’s health here in Australia.

In addition to that I run a successful raiding guild on Dath’Remar. Conclave (my guild) was started about a month after WoW was released but i haven’t been guild leader for that long. I think Ive held the reins for about 2 years but im not really sure anymore. We have cleared SSC and are just starting to work on Kael. Conclave has been through many ups and downs but one of its strong points is its ability to survive just about any disaster. We survived being on a US server (not many Aussies to recruit from), massive DC problems in BWL, people quitting the game/guild. We’ve struggled on some bosses for what seemed ages and dealt with the fallout from that, transferred servers and recruited more. Some are great, some were not so great. We survived two guild splits (small groups who needed something different to what Conclave could offer branched off) and still manage to stick to the guilds ethos. We have very little drama thankfully and in all, Conclave is a happy place to be.