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Ok so I logged on today and what did I find? There is a lvl 20 paladin lifting lvl 30-40 cloth items from the bank. Either A. he is taking them for an alt or B. he is disenchanting them for personal gains. Either way this is not what the bank is for. If he really wants the gear for an alt he can just join the guild and if he really needs disenchanting mats they aren’t that hard to find and the guild would be willing to help him out. I just don’t understand why people have to go to such lengths, joining a guild means that we help each other, not ignore and steel from each other. What I have realized from this, and from my past guild experiences, is that every decent sized guild will eventually stumble onto unhelpful players and that you can’t have the perfect group all the time, but I believe that despite instances like this (and trust me, this has turned into quite the argument), a strong guild will take the blow (to a guild filled with a bunch of 20s and 30s this is quite a blow seeing that many of the higher lvl members gave up the small amount of gear that they find to the guild instead of selling it for much needed mount money) and move on with heads held high and hopeful.

Now my question is what should I do with the guy? I have demoted him so that he can’t take from the bank and I plan on whispering him when he comes on, but does he really deserve to be in the guild after that? Do I really want someone like that in the guild? I figure everyone deserves a second chance, but can I really hope that he’ll shape up? I hope so because I really like the guy and he’s a pretty good paly.

PS. Any one else ever had this problem?

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  1. Well, first thing I think you should do (after demoting him) is telling him why this is unacceptable. Some guilds allow lvl 1s to take out 8 primal mooncloth bags and some guilds only allow their guild profession masters access to primals, khorium bars, etc.
    If he seems unworried or is being plain stupid about it ( or if you made your GB policies clear when recruiting) then i’d gkick- you’ve got good members to take up your time with rather then dealing with members who willdo nothing but cause you headaches.

  2. The banks can be a pita. Ill tell you how ours is set up but its by no means the best way or anything.
    I have 4 tabs. the third/fourth are not for withdrawal unless they send me in game mail.

    the first two are for raid items so ive made it a limit of ten items/stacks a day. Alts, initiates do not have any bank rights at all. Members have less than the ten stack/item limit. 2 i think it was.

  3. Hi,

    My first time commenting on here, I can see this site being really useful, thanks! =)

    I’m the GM of a guild *almost* ready to start raiding. We have many lower level members who are hoping to hit 70 and start raiding with us, and this means our bank is full of items across the level range.

    I have had one member (lvl 20 warrior) who took a number of level 60 blue items before I had chance to notice. I have demoted him so he cannot withdraw, but unfortunately he is never online at the same time as I am, so I have not been able to discuss it. He also has an annoying accented letter E in his name which means I cant type it in order to send him in game mail!

    I agree in giving a second chance. Perhaps the player is not properly aware of the guild bank policy? If he repeated the behaviour one more time after the warning, then its /gkick time.

    I had another case where one member was letting his friend use his account to play an alt character (not with our guild), and this friend was logging onto our member’s character and stealing from the vault to send the items to his own alt for profit. I did not want to demote our member because he had done nothing wrong (besides account sharing), but I got him to go to the bank of his friends character and lift some gold to pay for the stolen items, which has now been donated to the bank. I’m hoping this should deter further theft.

    Once we have a little more cash to afford the 5th tab, I hope we will be able to use that for storage of rare and expensive items, and have a request-only policy on that tab.


  4. First off, we have all tabs purchased for our Bank. We have this:

    tab 1 – Officer Only
    tab 2 – Primals/pots/etc
    tab 3 – Guild withdrawals, free to take anything out of this tab
    tab 4 – Guild Deposits
    tab 5 – Raid tab (all raid mats) Guild can see but have to ask an officer to get.
    tab 6 –

  5. Davernus maybe until everyone is around the same level you could limit withdrawals to one stack/item per day. Takes ages to ninja stuff that way :).

  6. I’m pretty stingy with the guild bank. Just about anything of value is restricted to officers only. I have one tab open for withdraws that has pots, herbs, reagents, mats, etc. Even this tab is restriced to 2 stacks/day.

  7. Well I talked to him and told him the rules. He had the nerve to go behind my back and get one of the officers to promote him and stole a few more items. First /gkick and glad I did it.

    Thanks for all the feedback, much apreciated.

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