Cant Make Up His Mind

We had a lvl 70 Hunter in the guild, that had a seat on the council, everything was fine, then 5 weeks in..he left, the very next night he asked to be brought back into the guild but without his council position. (said he could not handle the stress) so we take him back…. he stayed in for about 3 more weeks then left again. sent me a email that said, “i am sorry but i am no good at group crap, have played mostly solo, but i like you and was wondering if you would be interested in a 2v2 arena team?” … i gave it some thought and said yes… got the team, set a date to start the arena play…. then the night before we were to begin, he left the team, and has not responded to me ever since.    Gotta ask, “What was He Thinking or what was he on?”

3 thoughts on “Cant Make Up His Mind”

  1. See for the longest time we have people want to leave, come back, leave, come back… it was a MESS

    So… new rule… if you leave… you lose your raiding spot… you have to reapp, and we might not take you back 🙂

  2. We seem to be hard to leave. They more often than not want to come back. The ones that havent caused me any grief can come back but no promise of a raid spot if ive already filled their spot.

    That hunter guy sounds like he has some issues.

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