Bear Mount Frustration

Okay, so a few people in our guild have decided that they want a bear mount, but in order to get a bear mount you have to know EVERY fight inside and out, you have to be able to run through the windows of a hut while mounted up, and you basically have to be able to conserve mana, while fighting, and doing CRAZY stuff… the problem here is this… you get your group together, and someone gets their feelings hurt, and why wouldn’t they?  Maybe they can do ALL this stuff, but you can only bring in ten people, so you are stuck.  The bear mount run is a really cool thing, but should you sacrifice ever seeing it just because people get their feelings hurt?  We had to last week because we had three people who got so upset that they didn’t make it in the bear group it just fell apart.  People saying “oh they can take my spot” and all that good stuff.  I mean, I do want a bear mount, but I don’t want to piss off an entire group of people while I am doing it, ya know…

Contingency Plans?

I recently returned to WoW after taking a 2 week break. In a nutshell, my girlfriend became emotional about the amount of time I was spending in the game and expressed concern that she was losing me. In a fit of drunk devotion I uninstalled the game and gave her the discs for safe keeping. Sometimes you have to take drastic action to prove your point.

 I kept in touch with my 5 Officers using the guild website and instant messenger, and it quickly became apparent that without the GuildMaster online, and without a strong contingency plan in place, the members’ faith in HOTA started to wane. I had been leading our first forays into Karazhan, and with the raid leader gone a few of our best raiders jumped ship (some people have no patience). There were also a number of confrontations between the Officers and some of the more outspoken guys in the raid which caused a lot of discontent.

 The Officers I left behind have all been competent enough in the past but usually required my support on anything that required leadership, and I think they floundered a little when I wasn’t online to boss them around.

 I’m now taking steps to make sure there is a better contingency plan in place if anything should happen to take me away from the Guild in the future, and to make sure that the raiding continues. I’m giving some of my raiders experience in organising and leading the Karazhan runs, and intend to promote another Officer or two, preferably some strong leaders.

 Does anyone have such a contingency plan? Do you have any suggestions I could use myself?


Drama…. again?

I know someone wrote a post about this earlier, and now I am in a similar predicament…

We have a player that raided with us for a while, went a little loopy, /gquit and then came back as a casual, non-raider… he promptly /gquit again hours later, and we were like oh well… because he brought a lot of drama with him.  and, frankly we were glad to get rid of it.

Well, fast forward three months, and he wants back in.  He just wants to hang out and not actually raid.  (We have both casual and raiding players in our guild.)  Well, when the officers saw his app it was a unanimous no.  A couple of his real life friends are in the guild and they are pretty upset that he wasn’t let back in to the guild, but we just don’t want to deal with the “bad apple” that he used to be.

Apparently he has gotten his life back together and his friends assure me the drama is over, but I just don’t know if it is a risk I am willing to take with my awesomesauce guild!  On one hand, I feel like everyone deserves a second chance, but on the other… I kinda feel like he already got his… alas.

Demoting officers

Wow, I see there’s been a lot of activity on here. I’m sort of on a hiatus from WoW which explains my absence here recently (and probably into the future). But I had to share this little story with you.


My guild was formed by a merger between two sort of mediocre guilds, one of which I was the GM (this was around 4 months ago). Being a pretty democratic kind of guy myself, my leadership style is pretty fluid – I like to delegate a lot and rely on my officers. Anyway, going into the merger I didn’t want the other guild to feel

What in the world…

‘What in the world..” is the first thought that comes to mind when i log in to see my /g goes nuts!


[Guild] Oh shit..kay’s on, she’s not gonna be happy

[Guild] someone better whisper (name deleted) and tell him she’s on quick so he can log off

It’s amazing the things my guildies think i don’t see in guild chat…

ANYWAYS- it turns out that one of my officers ( a guy i’ve known for a while now- and trusted to boot) has up and /gquit. He wanted to go to a guild that was further along in progression even though they didn’t even offer him a raiding spot. This character was our main healer for raids and a good friend too. Needless to say, i was pretty distraught over this. This all happened about a week ago. This morning when i log in, i find an in-game mail from him asking to come back and saying he’s sorry.

So here’s the question- what in the world do i do?

He’s a good guy, a great player- but if he’s going to just dump the guild when he’s officer and Main Healer for our raids for someone further progression-wise- who’s to say he’s really the best choice for the guild?

What would you guys do?

Fitting in

A large part of being in the guild is fitting in with the people in the guild. And while this is not usually a problem, it tends to come up from time to time.

Today some of the guildies were talking about loot and general game info and one of the new players to the game started asking about what some of the terms ment. Most of the members more than willing to be helpful and answer this guy’s questions, but after a while one of the more experiences players starts badmouthing the guy telling him to “shut up you noob and learn to play”. Now I wasn’t very happy with this and decided to send him a whisper telling him that everyone has to start somewhere and one of the guild rules is no hating. Now in the mean time the people who were paying attention to chat started to get annoyed with this guy and it turned into a small fight that ended with the jerk leaving cause he doesn’t want to play with a bunch of noobs.

Right then some of the players drew closer together, united against this jerk. Those kinds of guys can really discourage new players and really wasn’t worth keeping anyways. The guildies recognized this and stood up for their fellow member. Its times like this when I realize that all the work that I put into the guild is actually helping people, its working and that, even though its just a computer game, it can bring people together to have a great time.

When I was running a my guild we…

You know you have them… the members of your guild that used to be officers or even guild masters in another guild but are now just regular members of your guild that feel the need to tell you how to do things. Sometimes these people blow my mind with all their suggestions and ideas about how they did things… you know back before everyone got pissed and /gquit or their guild just broke up… I mean, isn’t it obvious to them that the way they ran their guild wasn’t successful because it no longer exists? I wish I had more answers as to how to deal with these people, but usually my response is to smile, thank them for their effort and do things my way. HAHA is that wrong?

Bank Ninjas

Ok so I logged on today and what did I find? There is a lvl 20 paladin lifting lvl 30-40 cloth items from the bank. Either A. he is taking them for an alt or B. he is disenchanting them for personal gains. Either way this is not what the bank is for. If he really wants the gear for an alt he can just join the guild and if he really needs disenchanting mats they aren’t that hard to find and the guild would be willing to help him out. I just don’t understand why people have to go to such lengths, joining a guild means that we help each other, not ignore and steel from each other. What I have realized from this, and from my past guild experiences, is that every decent sized guild will eventually stumble onto unhelpful players and that you can’t have the perfect group all the time, but I believe that despite instances like this (and trust me, this has turned into quite the argument), a strong guild will take the blow (to a guild filled with a bunch of 20s and 30s this is quite a blow seeing that many of the higher lvl members gave up the small amount of gear that they find to the guild instead of selling it for much needed mount money) and move on with heads held high and hopeful.

Now my question is what should I do with the guy? I have demoted him so that he can’t take from the bank and I plan on whispering him when he comes on, but does he really deserve to be in the guild after that? Do I really want someone like that in the guild? I figure everyone deserves a second chance, but can I really hope that he’ll shape up? I hope so because I really like the guy and he’s a pretty good paly.

PS. Any one else ever had this problem?

Cant Make Up His Mind

We had a lvl 70 Hunter in the guild, that had a seat on the council, everything was fine, then 5 weeks in..he left, the very next night he asked to be brought back into the guild but without his council position. (said he could not handle the stress) so we take him back…. he stayed in for about 3 more weeks then left again. sent me a email that said, “i am sorry but i am no good at group crap, have played mostly solo, but i like you and was wondering if you would be interested in a 2v2 arena team?” … i gave it some thought and said yes… got the team, set a date to start the arena play…. then the night before we were to begin, he left the team, and has not responded to me ever since.    Gotta ask, “What was He Thinking or what was he on?”

WoW, I actually kicked a player out of my guild tonight.

So, I take a lot of flack. I feel like that is part of the job as a GM, sometimes you just gotta deal with unhappy people, etc. and that is how the ol cookie crumbles. My officers tell me a lot that I am just too nice, and for the most part I probably am, but I feel like keeping people happy and having fun with the game makes your guild a better place to be. I have fun running stuff, so that is how I enjoy my fifteen bucksamonth, but for a lot of people it is the fun of playing with friends, etc.

Sigh, I digress… the point I am trying to make here is I am willing to take a lot of flack from a lot of members, and deal with a lot of unpleasing situations, I think that comes with the territory, but what I am not willing to do is feel disrespected. I get this member tonight that tells me, “I just don’t like you, and I don’t like anything you do, but all my friends are here so I just put up with you.” My response went something along the lines of “Wow, that was a pretty mean thing to say to someone who spends so much time making this guild run.” To which he went on to tell me just how much he hated me, what a b* I was etc. My answer… I actually used the remove member button. I still can’t believe I actually did it, but I did! And you know what… I am okay with it… that guy isn’t in my guild causing me grief anymore, and as a result for my finally growing a pair… my guild is a happier place.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I am not saying /gkick is the first button you need to hit when someone pisses you off, but if they just don’t respect you and all the time you put into the GAME that they are playing. Then guess what… it feels pretty dern good to see “soandso has been kicked out of the guild by Cheetara.”