If I were running this guild…

So, after a fun night of wiping on some serious raid bosses, there is almost always someone telling you how to run the guild.  These people are tough to deal with, because on the one hand you just want to tell them to GTFO and use your mind to punch them in the face, but on the other hand… they sometimes have some good ideas.  The secret to dealing with these people is to not let them ambush you.  People are frustrated after a night of wiping, but most of the time wiping is a necessary evil in the progression game, but this is not the time to get into a “here is how the guild should be ran” discussion.  I handle this a couple of different ways… the first is to take a quick break after the raid (if I want to keep playing that is.)  A lot of times those people are just full of steam and need a little chance to spout off, but sometimes they are spouting off to an entire raid , and this is not the time to take a quick break.  Instead, this is the time to grab them, put them in a locked channel and let them spout off to you.  And, if you listen to what they say, you might just walk away with a few ideas to make your guild better, but… probably not.  So log on your alt, and grind green whelplings in the swamp while they talk, that will help pass the time.

The Hilarious /gkick.

Do you have one of those officers who loves to abuse his privelages by /gkicking people and then inviting them back?  Man, I do, and it drives me up the wall.  I mean, the guy is a nice enough guy, and a great officer he just thinks it is funny to abuse his power by kicking people out of the guild and then inviting them back immediatly after.  This, of course, deletes all their user notes, officer notes, and ranking, and upsets the people off when he does that.  It is enough to make a special rank, put him in it and not allow his /gkick privelages.  I do like that blizzard has a lot of stuff set up in the game to allow you to do cool stuff like that, so maybe I should take advantage of it, eh?

The Late Night Squabble

Ahhh, yes. It’s Saturday night, the boys have had a beer or two, and are lookin’ for a fight. They aren’t looking for a real fight, mind you… these are gamer dudes… the chances of them holdin’ their own in drunken bar brawl are less than stellar. So what’s the next best thing? Gchat of course! Now what are these guys going to fight about? Anything and everything. Although my personal favorite is the game itself. It usually goes something like this:

“Rouge’s are better than Pallys”
“HAHA you called yourself makeup”
“No, dude you’re a chick you wear makeup”
“Insert more random crap here”

Ahhhh, Gchat fights… they are so fun aren’t they? And the thing with these is, these guys are normally pretty civilized dudes (not to mention kick butt raiders). So, what do you do? You send a tell…telling them to shut up, and if they still don’t shut up… well, there is a way to make a rank in your guild that can’t see /gchat! That one is worth exploring, trust me!