What a cool website!

So, maybe you are sitting there wondering who has the right gear, or who doesn’t have their boots enchanted, or maybe you are just wanting to see how you stack up end game style… whatever it is you want to see, have i got a website for you:

Be Imba!

I highly suggest signing up for a free account and doing the guild audit, it takes a while to load when you do something that big, but it is TOTALLY worth it!

Let me know if you find anything interesting!

Oh, and me mentioning this website has NOTHING to do with the fact that I am finally rated in top shape. 🙂


Ahh friggin Hyjal Trash!

You want to know what the most challenging part to Mt. Hyjal so far is?  The friggin trash drops!  OMG, so how do you distribute the loot, what is a fair way to make sure people who really want it get it.  Wow Blizzard, REALLY?@!?!  You make the stuff despawn so we can’t even do it AFTER the boss is dead.  This is so dumb, I mean seriously… stupidest thing evar.

The Curator Hump

Tonight will begin HOTA’s fourth week of Lower Karazhan. We have the first four bosses on farm, despite switching the group roster from night to night depending on who is available. But we cannot seem to down Curator.

 Many people don’t seem to realise that Curator is dps a gear-check. If you can down Curator with the gear you have, you should be ok with the rest of Karazhan. If your group can’t put out enough dps, you will grind against Curator for several weeks until your gear improves to a higher level.

 As a result, my raiders are getting discontent. Nobody likes a stop in progression, and especially for the people new to raiding that don’t realise that kills don’t just “automatically” happen, it’s frustrating. Some of the better geared raiders are leaving HOTA to join other guilds that can give them an easier ride through the content. This slows us down even further as we have to find and gear up another person in their place.

 It’s starting to feel like we will be bashing our heads against Curator for some time yet. I have nightmares about that menagerie! Oh when will it end…. I guess even when we do get over this hump, we will have to face the noob-test that is Shade of Aran. That will be interesting!

Fun Purples on Regular! I love it!

Okay so there isn’t really a lot of stuff my main needs from regular MrT, but I have to say that there is totally some stuff my just turned 70 priestie can use, and to start her off, she got her super cool purple healing ring with a socket from the last boss, and a shiny new phoenix hatchilng!  (Add that +22 healing quest reward gem, and bam that is a nice little ring.)

I think it is super fun to have those little purples at the end of those instances, and I particularly enjoy the fact that on heroic purples drop the whole time!  So far, for me at least, that instance is full of win.  Now if my silly server would just unlock that BADGE vendor.  🙂

So Patch Time…

Well, I spent the better part of last evening healing the new instance, and I did all my dailys like a good little hoardie so that we could open the damn heroic badge dude.  (My server is small… he still isn’t opened up.)  And, I must say, well done so far blizzard, it totally feels like we are in total turmoil right now all running around trying to save the isle, everything seems to be super cool, and that instance is fabulous.  I always said silvermoon was wasted on the under 20 crowd, and now we get to like really experience it.  I mean, I only play Blood Elves… so this is super cool for me.

Now, for the changes… weird how your friend’s list people are a different color, right?  And…. how cool getting to inspect players from the opposing faction?!?  Funtara!  My omen downloaded kind of weird like, but other than that… things seem to be working fine.  So far patch 2.4 is pretty cool in my book!

Contingency Plans?

I recently returned to WoW after taking a 2 week break. In a nutshell, my girlfriend became emotional about the amount of time I was spending in the game and expressed concern that she was losing me. In a fit of drunk devotion I uninstalled the game and gave her the discs for safe keeping. Sometimes you have to take drastic action to prove your point.

 I kept in touch with my 5 Officers using the guild website and instant messenger, and it quickly became apparent that without the GuildMaster online, and without a strong contingency plan in place, the members’ faith in HOTA started to wane. I had been leading our first forays into Karazhan, and with the raid leader gone a few of our best raiders jumped ship (some people have no patience). There were also a number of confrontations between the Officers and some of the more outspoken guys in the raid which caused a lot of discontent.

 The Officers I left behind have all been competent enough in the past but usually required my support on anything that required leadership, and I think they floundered a little when I wasn’t online to boss them around.

 I’m now taking steps to make sure there is a better contingency plan in place if anything should happen to take me away from the Guild in the future, and to make sure that the raiding continues. I’m giving some of my raiders experience in organising and leading the Karazhan runs, and intend to promote another Officer or two, preferably some strong leaders.

 Does anyone have such a contingency plan? Do you have any suggestions I could use myself?


Wow Forums.

I was on the world of warcraft guild relations forums, when i saw what has to be the most retarded post.

There is a girl Gm, that feels her guild disrespects her because shes a girl. Now having read through the post, it got me thinking. I’ve never had one of my guildies disrespect me because im a girl. Usually because im an alpha female and would rip there nuts off and serve them on a silver platter if they got sexist with me. But the female thing just never enters into it. Theres none of the lashes batting and simpering to get them to do stuff. I’m just like any other gm, get it done or don’t raid your choice.

It got me thinking though, i know a couple gm’s like this. The ones that are soo sensative they cry about drama at night, and can’t kick people who deserve it because they’ll feel bad about it. What does it take to be a good gm? Paitence, strength, disipline, a sence of humour, diplomacy, and the ability to crack the whip. There aren’t alot of gms with the balance for this, its easier in a non raiding guild because you don’t need the organization. But when it comes to raiding guilds if you can’t at least get a passing mark in 5 of those 6 categories, don’t bother leading. It requires a certain detachment and sence of balance to run a raiding guild. You can’t be unfair, or favour people. You can’t be a psycho and just scream at your guild when there wrong. As a gm you must endear loyalty, and commitment from your raiders. People follow you because they choose too, not because they have to. If there only with you for gear, then they will just jump to the next guild thats more progressed than you when the oportunity knocks, leaving you high and dry. 

Think about this when your getting ready to run a guild, its very important and most people dont understand it.


What to do about the helpers…

ahh helpers…You know… the people that pst you the very second you log on.  The people who have been on all day and they are dying to tell you about all the drama that has gone throughout the day… even if it was minor, an officer took care of it, let you know about it and all is well now, or even worse, was so minor that there was no reason to bring it up…

I have one of these little busy bees… and I love him to pieces… but WOW… sometimes I just wanna kill ogres for the sixteen minutes I get to log on while I am waiting on the timer for dinner to go off, ya know?

Too Many Chiefs…

Man, sometimes in a raid I feel like we have too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  (Is that statement not a politically correct cliche anymore.)  And I kind of feel like powerless to stop it.  It seems like every once in a while we will get a member of the guild who has decided he/she wants to prove to everyone just how awesome he is, yelling at people to use potions, posting damage meters, yelling at people to prepare… and all at the wrong times… and why oh why does he always have to be a close friend to someone in the guild that actually matters?  I mean, my first response is to just kick him, but I can’t.

I hate when my hands are tied!