What are they Thinking?

New Recruits…? I can’t figure them out, bring them into Guild and the first thing they do is run to the Guild Vault and start asking for stuff. I clearly state our policy on Members and Bank access when i am recruiting someone, yet still they ask.

I have had 1 member that has been with us for about 2 weeks…. and he/she pst’d me last night and i quote “I have made bank deposits, i need 25 Gold”, he/she had deposited 3 copper ore and 1 Tin Bar… lol geezzz give me a break.

Big Red Kitty Linked US!!!!

He does notice! He DOES!

A little history, I have been reading the Big Red Kitty Blog now for quite some times. I think he knows what he is talking about when it comes to hunters, and I have definitely learned a LOT from his posts. A couple of weeks back he posted this post, and I just so happened to be looking for the perfect blog to start up about all things warcraft, but I hadn’t come up with the perfect idea. Well, when I saw his post, I knew what I had to do! So, I quickly got to work on a blogspot blog, and posted a couple of things. When my husband the web designer saw what I was doing he jumped on it, and I got my very own website!

Well, today it got a little cooler. I logged onto my computer, checked my email and went to browsing my daily reads. BRK is on that list, so when I saw he was doing a link post, I quickly started scrolling looking for us, and there we were! AHHHHH our first link, and it was from BRK himself! How fun is that? I mean, he called me a guy, (wow, he fixed it… and groveled.  That’s almost enough to make a girl roll alliance… almost…) but still pretty cool, eh?

Adventures in Alt-Land

Have you ever had one of those nights? You come home from work, have dinner, deal with kids, etc etc etc and all you want to do is sit down, relax and hop on WoW to kill some things? That was tonight for me. So, i deal with it all, sit down with a drink, log into my server, and BAM, chat hits me like a ton of bricks.

[Server] Server Shutdown in 3:30

 …needless to say, i’m not very happy at the moment. So myself and 4 other people in guild decided to make alts on some server with a blessed populace. Eitrigg it turns out, isn’t down.

So, one hour, 3 rum and cokes, and 12 lvls later, i have a blood elf pally. This Blood Elf Pally cannot only SINGLEHANDEDLY tank/kill three mobs, but i can heal my group while they fight other mobs too.

 Guildies and i had a great time killing mana wyrms in BE land even though we kind of wished we could use our mains.

Moral of the story: change it up sometimes! as long as you do it together, your guild will never ‘wipe’

Oh, and in conclusion for tonight’s adventures in Alt-Land, Pallies are OP ^_~

We are gettting GM’s!

Okay, so this is so exciting!  We are totally getting new GM’s to write for the site!  I have set up two different Guild Masters to write for the site now, and I have a couple of others in the wings ready to write as well, I just have to get them all set up!  This is so fun!  Thanks guys to everyone who is contributing, reading, and anything else they are doing with the blog!  I just know this is going to be a great project full of awesome ideas, and great stories!

Theater in the Round

That’s how theater began, right? In the Round? At least that is what I remember from my high school English class anyway.

Just what is this blog, it is quite simply the place for your favorite guild masters to tell you how to be the best damn guildmaster you can be. Oh, yes and to tell you the craziest, zaniest /gkick they ever had to perform!

The GMaster Piece Theater is looking for some awesome guild masters to help with the posting, so if you are a guild master out there just dying to impart your knowledge on all those other guild master noobs, we want YOU! So, send a shout out to me at jamie@totallythebomb.com, and we will get you set up to write on the blog!

This should be fun, and it just might get interesting.