The new DKP system

Okay, so here’s what we came up with… after much deliberation, going back ad forth, and even a fight or two lol

Our new DKP system

Making the switch from SK to DKP:
For the switch we will be awarding 1 point of dkp for each position on the SKG list (#1 spot will get 35 dkp #2 will get 34 and so on)

Earning points
+1 DKP will be awarded to each member that is signed up, on time, buffed and ready for the pull EXACTLY at raid start time
+1 DKP is awarded for a T4 boss kill (gruul/mag)
+2 DKP for a T5 boss (anything in TK and SSC)
+3 DKP awared for a T6 boss kill. (MH, BT and Sunwell)
Additional dkp may be awarded at the end of a raid (this is to compensate for wipe nights on new content, or even just doing a kick ass job of 1-shots)
It is not uncommon to spend MANY nights wiping on some of the upcoming boss fights in T6 dungeons. Bonus DKP will be awarded as necessary

Spending points:

After killing a Boss dropping BoP loot, all players in the raid will be awarded specified DKP. Items dropped will then be auctioned to the highest bidder.
To bid a item, whisper the loot master with your bid amount, (your bid must be higher than the current bid) and the highest bid will be updated in raid chat and vent as they come in, when bidding slows/stops a count will be called and highest bidder wins!

1. You may not spend more dkp then you currently have.
2. You may not retract a bid for any reason, be 100% sure you want the item before sending the whisper. (Mistakes happen, and will be dealt with, but “I changed my mind” is not a valid excuse)
3. All items have a 5DKP minimum bid. (This amount may be increased at a later date to compensate for inflation.)
4. Officers always have the right to loot council for any given item
5.Fake rolls end here, its been done and its been fun, but its over. Do Not Fake Roll.
6.Alts earn DKP for the main but alts are not allowed to spend the DKP. (alts will be brought in at request of a raid leader)
7. BEFORE the loot goes to an open roll, the ALTS in the raid will have a chance to roll on it.
8.Bidding is for main spec only, offspec/pvp and “just for fun” loot will only be acquired by /roll (when no one has chose to spend dkp) IF LOOT GOES TO A ROLL, LOOT GOES TO THE HIGHEST ROLLER. (You have been warned, fair and square, so quit being a girl, and spend your DKP or you could lose it to that brand new 70 in the raid!)
8.Casuals will be able to earn and spend dkp, but remain as last priority for invites, and can not earn standby DKP.
10.Current DKP is displayed in the public guild note, and a full list will be posted here (link)

So, what do you think? Have we gone insane?

Well… we tried suicide kings…

Okay, so we tried suicide kings for a while, even making changes as we saw fit… but it just isn’t working.

The big thing that really doesn’t work is the addon we were using the suicide kings geo mod, and it was basically just a piece of crap.  It didn’t upload to the website properly, it wouldn’t always sync, it was just a mess.  If your guild is looking at going suicide kings… find a different mod… which sounds easy, until you realize there just aren’t that many out there.

The other reason we are looking at another loot system is because of attendance.  We still have people not showing up for wipe nights, or not wanting to come to those ‘raids for the good of the guild’ nights.  So, DKP here we come.  The only thing is that there are SO many dkp addons out there that I don’t even know where to start!  I just keep researching them, looking at them and thinking… hmmmmm I dunno….

ugh… why can’t all the bosses drop some loot for everyone in the raid?

Loot hates me

So we had one of those days today where absolutely nothing good would drop. We went into ZF prepared for some great new gear, but very little came up. We started out without any leather wearers and the pieces dropped like crazy. After a couple people left we got a druid and rouge, but mail started dropping every where right after the shaman quit. Then the drops people were hoping for didn’t drop. No shiny swords, no pretty cloth headbands. It was a crappy day for loot, but at least we got some stuff for the guild bank and we had a good time.

…grr I want that headband.

Suicide Kings?

So, after much deliberation, consideration, and perhaps a little inebriation we think we are going to use the Suicide Kings loot system. We feel like it is probably the closest to our guild philosophy of trying to remain fair and true to the members, but still having a good time and not being as hard core as we necessarily could be. There are definitely some concerns, but I will be writing more about the system and rather or not it is a good one as we get it into place. I just hope that it ends up working out to solve some of our loot problems. (And maybe eventually I will get my T5 Set Bonus… swoon.)

Loot Council

I read lots of bad things about loot council but it works for Conclave. We used a loot system before BC which worked very well but was very labour intensive. Since BC we decided to try loot council. We keep track of attendance and loot received and go by that. If someone has scored tons of loot we might get them to sit out but thats not a common thing. Mostly, eligible people are just asked to roll on the item and so be it. We share out Tier pieces so people can get the benefit of their set bonus’ and if mains don’t want gear we let people roll for offspec. Offspec isn’t really counted as loot so its no biggy. Occasionally there is an issue where someone feels they should have been allowed to roll but thats usually sorted out quite easily afterwards.

Do you guys use a loot system and are you happy with it?

Guild Banks Hacked by Keyloggers…

This is just crazy.  Why hasn’t blizzard done anything to stop this yet?  People think they have protected their account and that everything is fine, and then all the sudden… You log on and watch an officer clear out the guild bank.  This is crazy.  This is just stupid.  Why isn’t there something as simple as a password protection on the guild banks to stop this from happening.  I mean, it looks like a giant vault, why not have to click on some numbers in order to open it with a combination type thing?  That is my official blue suggestion.  There should be a keypad that the GM sets the combo to, and people have to click a series of numbers (not type them… then the keyloggers would get the password!) in order to access the bank.

Why, you ask am I posting about this?  Because my bank was hacked.  I feel like the keyloggers literally wait until I am logged off for the night, and then log onto this officer’s account and clear out my entire guild bank.  The thing is, it isn’t like we don’t get the stuff back, because we do.  Blizzard takes a log of your entire bank, and they are pretty cool about returning your stuff, but it just SUCKS.  Why would we even continue to use guild banks if this keeps happening?


Ahh, loot. Loot is such a big deal in this game that I think it needs its own category. So many guilds handle this in SO many different ways, and it is such a touch category. Nothing can turn an otherwise lovely person into a green monster faster than a sweet professor plum. (That’s epic, for those of you who haven’t seen the best video ever… but I posted it below.) So… the age old question… who gets the loot?