Trying to decide on progression…

So, with nothing needing keys anymore and all that good stuff, we have killed all the junk in SSC and TK, and are looking at progression.  Now we get to the good stuff… but now we have to balance out getting any gear upgrades for people that might have little gaps here and there from SSC and TK, and then of course having all the time to focus on progression.  But, of course… we have to be able to do ALL of this and not burn people out… yikes!  Sheesh Blizz… way to make those of us who got started a little late stress out!  Haha!  I am hoping we can work on progression while just adding in the SSC/TK bosses when we are bored and stuff.  Here’s hopin it works out!

Bear Mount Frustration

Okay, so a few people in our guild have decided that they want a bear mount, but in order to get a bear mount you have to know EVERY fight inside and out, you have to be able to run through the windows of a hut while mounted up, and you basically have to be able to conserve mana, while fighting, and doing CRAZY stuff… the problem here is this… you get your group together, and someone gets their feelings hurt, and why wouldn’t they?  Maybe they can do ALL this stuff, but you can only bring in ten people, so you are stuck.  The bear mount run is a really cool thing, but should you sacrifice ever seeing it just because people get their feelings hurt?  We had to last week because we had three people who got so upset that they didn’t make it in the bear group it just fell apart.  People saying “oh they can take my spot” and all that good stuff.  I mean, I do want a bear mount, but I don’t want to piss off an entire group of people while I am doing it, ya know…

A New Raid Leader

So, it seems our guild has turned over a new leaf.  Our crazy screaming annoying and just really stressful raid leader finally left the guild and transfered to another server, and at first I was actually worried about this.  You see, I am not really a raid leader of sorts.  I mean, I can totally head up the occasional Maggie’s or Gruul’s.  But I just don’t do so well with the leading of a progression raid.  Instead I am more of a deal with all the other crap we have going on during the raid kind of gal, so I was worried.  But, then someone stepped up.  We had a player step up and become an awesome raid leader pretty much out of nowhere!  And she is awesome.  She gets stuff done without being a butt, and she obviously has fun doing it.  Everyone just loves her, and I am very excited to say that Kael is officially down!  So just remember, if you have a raid leader or an officer quit for whatever reason, there is a chance that something better is just sitting there quietly hanging out in party 2 🙂

The New Content and Raiding…

Well, now that they have opened up a new instance, a new 25 man, and no longer require keys for BT and Hyjal… raiding is completely different.  It now seems like it is a race to get to see all the instances before WOTLK comes out and guilds that couldn’t get in before are in now.  We definitely jumped right into BT and Hyjal last week and downed a couple of bosses and one in Hyjal with no problem.  It was fun to get to see all the new content, and even though Kael has yet to die, we are enjoying the idea of officially being a black temple guild.  But is it fair to call ourselves a BT guild if didn’t kill Kael?  I mean… we went there, we killed the first two bosses, and we got the loots, but still… Kael… is a thorn in our side!  Will we kill Kael?  You bet your lame ass we will!  Are we planning on doing it soon?  Well, maybe not… Hyjal is just so cool, and the trash comes to you!

Black Temple Guild

From Casual to Hardcore…

Well, we have decided that with the upcoming patch, and the fact that Kael Thas is wiping that shiny pink floor with our faces it is time to admit that we are a hard core raiding guild.  We have been raiding like we are for a while, but not with all the rules, etc. in place that need to be there to keep the team from failing at the bigger baddies.  So we have decided to just call the raiding team what it is, a hardcore raiding team.  Pretty exciting, but kind of scary!


So my guild has finally done it, we’ve dropped khara for more time to be spent in 25 mans. After all of the arguing that people normally do about who gets in and who doesn’t there was a suprising lack of argument about it. We will see how long the calm holds lol. Hopefully this will allow us to get those last two bosses down so we can start working on vash, and kaelthas. Anyone got any important tips and tricks for these two fights they look a little insane needless to say. I was watching a vashj video the other day and all i can think is wow… this is going to be a test of my micro management skills. Suggestions would be appreciated.

On the note of khara i’ve started sending anyone who apps, without the correct gear to a friends guild that is only runing khara and ZA with the intent that he sends me anyone who wants to go farther than there guild is and has the gear. Mu ha! im sneaky 😀 but its a good exchange for both of us, i get the people hes going to loose anyways, and he gets a constant influx of people who need what there doing and will show up and take it seriously.  and hey there half trained by the time they get to me. I’m not a fan of training raiders from scratch. You know the simple stuff, like kill order, mt target list, don’t pull threat you will splat, etc…

The casual guild’s heavy guild master

As I’ve noted before, there is a large disparity between The Regiment’s raiding experience and my own personal history. As a form heavy raider – and someone gradually climbing back into the saddle after disdaining raiding for some time – my experiences pre-expansion included full clears of all raids except Naxxaramas. I currently maintain a somewhat heavy raiding schedule, including Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep on my priest and soon my hunter. I fully intend to see the inside of the Black Temple before Wrath of the Lich King is released.

This differs with the vast majority of my guildmates. Prior to The Burning Crusade, The Regiment organized weekly, extremely casual runs of Zul’Gurub. After the release of the expansion, we took a couple of months to organize a core group of raiders to maintain a weekly Karazhan group. For many of these people, Karazhan was the first raid that they had ever done. As casual raiders (which differs from casual players!), they don’t ever plan on seeing anything beyond Zul’Aman – a goal that we’ve just started within the past week. Members of The Regiment occasionally sub into any of numerous 25-man raids when openings and their availability coincides. They’re content gradually seeing new content and knowing that they may never progress any further.

This contrast in playstyles and experience results in an interesting dynamic in the relationship I maintain with the people under my command. For one thing, it results in different end-game goals. My focus during much of the week is raiding, whether it’s actually stepping foot into the instance or preparing for the raid. I spend a lot of time attempting to acquire better gear that would improve my performance in my raids, which includes jealously hording badges in anticipation for the badge gear that will be available in patch 2.4. On the other hand, most of my guild members don’t have that kind of drive. Rather than running heroics to acquire badges or even better gear, many play any of a myriad of alts. This is an particularly sore issue with me, as we continue raiding Karazhan months after we first stepped inside with people who could be better prepared for each of the fights but aren’t.

And don’t get me started on consumables and their use – or lack thereof – during fights that we sometimes still have problems with!

The balance between a raiding background and a guild that desires to be nothing more than casual raiders is a hard one to maintain. It frequently leaves me frustrated when people come to the raid ill-prepared, without consumables, their gear broken, in pieces of gear that they could have been upgraded months ago if they’d have run heroics instead of leveling alts, and showing up late or not showing up at all. As a comparatively experienced raider, this clashes with what I consider normal raiding practices and the standard that I personally maintain for myself whether I’m entering Tempest Keep to pit myself against Kael’Thas or returning to Karazhan for the umpteenth time to aid my guild in their weekly run.

“I be da predator! You da prey…”

I’d like to take a moment to first apologize for my continued absence on this site. I’ve been a bit busy juggling word, a somewhat-active social life, raiding, and guild master responsbilities lately, and I’ve to figure out how to get my muse to write for me rather than just giving inspiration. Hopefully my availability will increase in future weeks!

That said, The Regiment grew tired of full clears of Karazhan and has decided to assault the troll-infested forests of Zul’Aman. Tuesday evening was our first time stepping into there, though I’ve been doing almost weekly runs since 2.3 first released the instance. For a ragtag group of casual players, I’d like to say that we did exceptionally well: we managed to down Nalorakk, we lombasted Akil’zon (despite having the gauntlet bug up on us no less than three times, causing multiple resets of the event), and our sole attempt on Halazzi resulted in getting him down to 32%. I full expect to be hitting Malacrass within the next week or two.

So, congratulations, fellow members of The Regiment! We’re taking the moment to organize our second Karazhan group in light of our most recent success – it’s mainly intended for the recent influx of recruits we somehow managed to snag, though I’m certain that a number of long-term members will either contribute on their mains or newly level alts.

Why I am always a slow writer on the weekends…

Believe it or not, my guild has decided that the weekends are the WORST time for us to raid.  We can’t get consistency in our raiders, and we have trouble making the right groups for the raids, so we just don’t raid on the weekends.  It is fun though… we hit up kara, mag, and gruul with whoever is online, and we just hang out and have a good time.  With all the badge rewards coming out in 2.4 kara is at least a good farming option.  I gotta say though, my guild was late in the game starting out on raiding this content, so I can’t wait for the Xpac.  I wish it was coming out tomorrow!  It will be fun to be on even ground with the other guilds on our server!