The Step Back Was VERY Fun!!!

Well, after talking it out with my officers and members… we did decide that we NEED to kill the Lovely Lady with the snakey hair, and we are willing to wipe our butts off to do it. That being said… I know my guild… and they needed a night of fun. We went into SSC on Tuesday night to take out the first three bosses to get all cleared and ready for an all Vashj weekend, and it was less than stellar. After wiping for (I kid you not) two and a half hours on HYDROSS (yeah, you read that right) we finally got an attempt in that was going to work and our main frost tank lost internet connection! (Damn Canadian snow…) It was bad bad bad… so we split off into ZA groups and finished the night downing some crazy trolls mon. We regrouped on Wednesday and cleared it out all the way to Leo pretty much catching ourselves up for the week. We took Thursday off because hey, nerds need love too, and then we headed in to SSC to get the place ready for Sunday night Vashj love. So she sits there taunting me ready to take her down, but we had some more casual players that still needed some gear from Mag, and a few of us are still in desperate need of our T5 Shoulders from VR, so we headed out to clear both places. It went quick and effortlessly, and with plenty of time to spare… and we figured hey it’s Friday, why not stay up and play some Warcraft… so I headed up to Hellfire, and a friend headed down to Shadowmoon and BOTH world bosses were up… how could we not give it a try?

Doomwalker first… took three attempts (would have only taken two, but a kid from another guild started screwing with the raid… tried to tag the boss first, made him evade by flying on top of him during an aggro wipe, etc.) and we killed him. We got to bring some of the less geared guildies, so we were able to get some fun loot for them that not a lot of people on the server have!

Well, we figured we might as well go for two in one night, right? Nothing like getting to write TWO posts on the guild progression post on the realm forums… so we headed up, two shotted Kazzak, and called in a night! It was an awesome boost for our guild, and just the kind of silly thing we needed. Now, I have full confidence that we will kill that crazy snake lady, oh yes… we will

Taking a little step backwards

Okay, a little history about my guild…

I became friends with most of the start up players in my guild when I was in a casual guild that couldn’t get past curator.  There was nothing wrong with my old casual guild, I was just bored of never getting to see any new content, and I had made friends with this other guild that was a little more hard core, but was looking to fill out a second kara group and some 25 mans… well, the day before I decided to finally quit my casual guild and join the raiding guild they had decided that they were going to merge with a hard core guild, and my husband and I ended up being a part of the package deal.  This had the potential to be really cool, but they promised us a part of the raiding team although they pretty much already had their top raiding spots filled out.  Our main tank became a ‘catcher,’ the hunters all ended up on wait list behind their hutners, etc.  So, we kind of just stuck by what we were doing, kept running our little kara group, and basically felt like very little fish in a big pond.

Well, they instituted a MT need list.  In doing so, they said that our Kara MT friend basically wasn’t getting any gear from the 25 mans… well, this sucked for our friend, but we were willing to just deal with it… until the day we showed up to a raid only to be informed it wouldn’t be happening because they MT had decided to retire his MAIN warrior and instead he would be playing his ALT dps warrior… yeah, that REALLY happened.  We weren’t able to raid that night because we didn’t have a MT.  Apparently he had cleared all this with the officers of the guild, but they didn’t bother to bring it up to the guild… well… needless to say, after he took gear over the other tanks that planned to remain tanks, then switched over to his other character…. that was the day we /gquit to start our own.

And we have been hot on the heels of that other guild ever since… They had a big advantage over us because they had enough guilldies ready to start 25 mans and we barely had enough to fill out a kara (although it was awesome to clear kara on our first night as a guild, that really brought us toghether as a team.)  But, we quickly got our numbers and are now plowing through the 25 mans…

Now, that being said.  Vashj is kicking our butt, as a guild, and as a raiding team.  Three hours of wiping only to get her to 1 percent was one of the biggest blows in my entire guild’s history.  So, I am wanting to take a step back, get a few boss kills in the Tempest Keep.  We need those kills!  Ours is a guild that loves the progression, and I know that the wiping will get us there eventually… but it just isn’t happening right now!  I mean we have only downed one boss in The Eye, so I think this is the right move… right?

Off Night FTW!!!

Ahhh we are so happy to finally have an off night!  We have been pushing so hard for progression, and we keep playing through our scheduled guild off nights, but we decided this weekend to just screw around on alts, farm up all that stuff we need, and just have a great guild time.  It really was nice, and I got to hang out with people in guild that I don’t really get to spend time with.  Off nights are really important to guilds because they rejuvinate.  So, even if you are SO close to that big boss kill… take a break!  Mara is pretty this time of year.  🙂

PST for WL

So, I had my first experience on the waiting list the other day, and I have to say it sucks lol. As GL I feel I need to be in the raids at all times, be it for support, criticism, encouragement, or just to be there because. The other night we were doing our first night of BT for the week, and we have 5 mages in guild, all 5 show up and want to go, and since it was the first 3 bosses in BT we were doing, which I do not need anything from, I decided to sit out. I sit outside the instance for 2 hours. Just sitting there, on my mount so I don’t get ganked, and just listening in vent. Watching Raid Warnings popping up on screen, sending whispers to people in between pulls, asking for updates, man, it sucks! But you know its part of the game, and the waiting list is extremely important… Without people standing outside, your guilds progression would suffer, and raid times would last longer. With 2.4 around the corner, and the summoning changes coming:

* Ritual of Summoning can now be used to summon players into instances. Provided the player meets all entry requirements, they can be summoned in from anywhere in the game world.

It is going to make it a lot easier for guilds, to get those needed people to the instances, without waiting 10 mins for them to fly down, or having to run all the way outside to summon them. Just remember to respect your locks, because shards aren’t free 🙂

Raid Consistency

That’s one of the things that as Guild Leaders, we have no control over and it sucks.

Sunday night we went in to do Hyjal, we wiped twice on the first two bosses, which btw we have been clearing for almost a month now. Then we tighten up and do great on the next two, only to get to Archimonde and wipe for another hour on him, until time to call the raid. We go back in Monday night just for Archimonde attempts, and guess what? We down him on the second pull, clean as a whistle. Now last night we go into Black Temple with a game plan of hopefully making it to the third boss. We start the raid later than normal, waiting on people, but then go in and down the first 3 bosses, one shotting them, and finished the raid in 2 hours, which allowed everyone to get a early night, to farm, go to bed early or anything else they want to do.

We all have nights like this, and it’s one of the biggest frustrations of being in a guild. It affects both member and officers alike, and it sucks. Raid consistency. Going in one night and nothing feels right, pulls go wrong, dps just seems slower, and people die. Then the next night you do the same thing again, and dps is smoking, healers are keeping the entire raid alive, and bosses are going down in record time. Why?

If you took a screenshot of your raid members on one night, and brought the exact same 25 people the next night to do the same thing over again, it wouldn’t happen the same. It’s just part of life, people having bad days, tired, sick, just don’t want to be there, spouse aggro, along with many other factors, make it where not every night of raiding will be the same. It’s something we have to understand as players and Officers, it’s something we try to work on improving and I think we always will. If you can get everyone in your raid to play great every single raid, then you can get alot more accomplished. I don’t see it happening anytime soon, but it sure is something to work towards.

Full Time Employment Opportunities – Apply Here

That’s pretty much what it should say when making a recruitment post, because raiding is a full time job.

My guild raids 4 days a week, (Sun-Mon-Weds-Thurs) usually 3 hours each weekday night, and 5 hours on Sunday, and now that we are really starting to go through BT, we are having “farming sessions” on our off days…..and that’s just counting the in game time. For GM’s and Officers, especially in my guild, we do preparations the rest of the time. I go to work at 8am and log on my pc, open my email, and log on AIM, in that order. First thing I do is message my officers with my everyday “morn”, to which they respond, and from that point on, for the rest of the day, in between doing our REAL jobs, we discuss the previous nights raid, discuss strats, class makeup, and attendance for the upcoming raid(s), oh and how bad John Doe did. On my way home, I am thinking about the raid, on my cell with some of my officers, just getting ready to go. That’s pretty hardcore!! My wife says “It’s pretty nerdy”. But I enjoy it. It’s what makes me happy, and it’s what I love doing most in World of Warcraft.

Once the invites start, its up to us, the officers, sitting in our own little private vent channel, to sort out who we will carry from each class and why. Finalizing what bosses’ we will do and in what order, and deciding just how far we want to go tonight. For us, lately has been a ton of progression; we cleared Hyjal in less than a month, while still doing SSC, and The Eye, and starting to work on the first few bosses in BT, all at the same time. So every night is pretty much full of excitement and new loot. Which means when I log off, I am pretty pumped up, so when I go to bed, I am still thinking about how well (or bad) we did that night. This really pisses my wife off, as she is trying to sleep and eventually tells me: “Either stop moving and go to sleep, or go sleep on the couch.”… well I hate sleeping on the couch when I have a nice warm, big bed right here, so that’s were Real Life kicks in, and I start to get the rested xp.

Point is, without the officers in my guild we would be nothing. These guys and gals, are my online friends, who I talk to in game, out of game, on the phone, and through email. We are a pretty close guild, and without any of these people our guild would probably still be doing Karazhan.

To them I say, Thank you!

A Delightful Evening of… Wiping?

She is mean evil, she has creepy hair like tentacles, and she shoots people with the bow I need.  Lady Vashj, I think I hate you.  All night long we wiped, got her down to 15% twice, and both times I just KNEW she was going down, but… she didn’t.  My guild was less than enthused at the end of the raid, and so was I.  And today is, of course, reset day… so if we want to kill her, we have to get to her first!

Sometimes at the end of those kinds of nights…you know, two flasks down a repair bill that will require an entire round of dailies to pay off kinda of nights… I just want to pull my hair out and sign off for a week or two while I throw down on some Hello Kitty Adventure Island!  But, I also really want that bow.  🙂  So…. another new week, another fresh start of raiding!  And, this week, I think we will down her…

That is the kind of thing that is so hard as a guild master.  Keeping that positive attitude, ya know?  Remembering that even though everyone is ready to pull their hair out, it is just raiding, and next week the instance will be fresh and new for you to start all over again!  I really think that sometimes the nights of wiping can be just as fun as killing that boss as long as you are doing it as a group and having a good time when you do it!

To Kara or Not to Kara?

So many guilds are asking themselves just this right now. Should they still be running kara? At first, the new badge items and adding badges to kara made it a desirable run again, but for many of us just the sound of that soothing voice letting us know that “the menagerie is for guests only,” makes us want to punch ourselves in the face just so we have an excuse to bow out of the raid. So the question is, when can we stop going into that scary old house on the hill? I say when you have a good raiding team in place that has enough gear to be able to pull at least a couple of people through Gruul’s and Maggie. With badge gear as nice as it is right now, there really is no reason for people to continue running that place when they are bored out of their minds with it. But, if you want to try for a speed run, and maybe bring a noob or two along so you don’t have to shard all that gear, then I say go for it! Just remember that uninvited guests really upset the wait staff. 🙂