Class balance, and recruitment.

It is inevitable as a raiding guild that once you stop taking recruits that still need there khara gear recruitment becomes harder. Now im fortunate, in that i still have many options availible to me as we have never opened our recruitment to the public. But how do other raiding guilds deal with the people who say they can’t raid for 3 weeks, do you grab someone to fill that spot or do you over recruit and always juggle people in and out of your runs?  We tend to have about 4 people sitting out every night. Any more than that and i feel guilty that we’ve got too many people. ideally, this is a healer, a tank, and 1 melee and 1 caster dps. This is the balance i strive for as a GM. Recently i’ve had alot of people who have had to stop raiding for a portion of time. There not gquiting, and they will be back but how do you fill those temp positions? Is it really fair to recruit new people knowing full well in a month your going to be struggling to get them into a raid? Or do you struggle along knowing these people will be back, hoping nothing else comes up. Currently im skirting the line inbetween. If there going to be gone for more than a couple weeks im bringing someone in for there spot. If there not then i usually hold there raiding spot for them.  I’m curious how other raiding guilds deal with this.

Where do the recruits come from??????

My guild is not a public guild.
We don’t recruit publicly ,were not on the progression forums, we don’t run pugs. hell Im not even in the forums recruiting threads. Since i started the thing we have never ever spammed for members or even dropped a hint were recruiting.
So this begs the question how the heck am i turning 10 + people away from the guild a week that don’t know anyone in the guild. I mean i ask this question, and get a oh i’ve heard your a good guild.
FROM WHO?????????
Oh just around.
I mean not that im complaining about the whole not having to recruit thing, but we apparently have a rep.
I have a gm in another guild that litterally obssess about me and my guild. He apparently spends his time bashing us. I didn’t even know who he was until one of my new recruits who came from his guild told me.
All i can say is just Wow, get over yourselves people!

On a side note, i mentioned to my guild we were short healers like a week ago. I now have like 3 more than i need, and 4 more that have apped in. I think my guildies have lists of people that are just waiting for a spot to open up.
He he, ahh well its much better than scraping for people ! /cheers.
I’ve done that a long time ago in another guild it sucked butt. I must have done something right this time.
learn from your mistakes gm’s, be fair, and don’t back down. If you pur a rule in place don’t ever let people walk on it. Never be afraid to gkick those that are not appropriate. This is btw, the 3rd guild i’ve run in two mmorgs.
And im kinda a big influence in my vanguard guild i think if i had more time i’d probably rule the roost there.
Do any of you gm’s have issues sitting back and letting someone else run stuff?
or are we all, full of opinions we know are good and think everyone should listen to even if they don’t take the advice? I think thats part of what makes a good gm. Being able to grab something by the balls and run with it, The backbone being the other part of course.


Starting up young

One of the hardest parts of being a guild master is actually starting up that guild in the first place and that goes double for anyone not lvl 70. The lower you are the harder it gets. So just how does one go about starting a guild? Your only lvl 20 after all, what can you do? Some people like to shove charters in other people’s faces hoping that they will eventually get 10 randomly chosen people who may have just misclicked the charter to sign and boom, you got a guild (without rather few members if not only yourself). Others like to bribe people with gold to sign and leave afterwards if they so desire. And of course, my personal favorite, the “we got tons of lvl 70s that will help you” ploy which is more often than not fallacious.

Well If you’ve got the gold you could very well go bribing others (had to do that a couple of times myself actually), but the best recruiting technique that I have found is simply going around the noobie zones and putting out adds for your guild and hoping that one of them will look at it saying, oooo that might be fun and join you in your noble crusade to 70 and beyond. Well that’s not too hard, but now what are you going to do with a bunch of low lvl players who can’t even do RFC yet?

Well you’ve got a foundation, now the real recruiting starts. Group up with people for quests and instances. Once and a while you will find a player that hasn’t already been recruited into a guild already, that’s your cue to pounce. After grouping for a bit and getting a vibe for the other person casually ask if the would be interested in you guild. If they say yes, great, if not don’t get angry, don’t pelt them with insults, be nice and courteous, believe it or not your reputation does exist in WOW; especially in your lvl range (which is where you want to be recruiting). If you are always nice and helpful more people will want to join your guild and soon enough you will have a group of your peers who can grind quests, run instances, or just sit around and role-play with you if that’s what you’re all about. Don’t forget to pay attention to those noobs though, in a couple moths they won’t be noobs anymore and one day you will wake up and realize that you have a walking talking guild.

Congratulations! you survived the creation process and you did it on hard work and a friendly attitude (did I mention that’s important). If you are true to your guild and honest to your fellow players you will find yourself surrounded by some of the most enjoyable people in Azeroth! 🙂