A New Guy In Town

Guild Masterpiece Theatre just got a new player!

  My name is Davarnus, a Protection Warrior and GM of Heroes of the Alliance, a PvE guild on the European realm Auchindoun. Hmm that was quite a mouthful…

  HOTA is a casual guild that has recently started dipping its toe into Karazhan and is making steady progress. We currently have 147 members, plus a bunch of alts, all ranging from level 30-70. Our minimum level is gradually increasing to both allow for our current members to keep levelling in the guild they call home, and in anticipation of having an all-70 roster once the next expansion arrives.

  I’m a relatively laid back GM, as befits a casual guild, and would never dream of forcing anyone to play a particular class or spec in the name of progression. Our members are also pretty laid back, which (I suppose unfortunately, because lots of us enjoy raiding) means we’re unlikely to get far in 25-man content, if we even make it there before Wrath. 

  Here’s me, riding my trusty reindeer through Terrokkar. I’ve actually updated my gear a bit since then, so I should really get a new picture!


Well that’s it for my intro… I have a few things I’ll be posting about in the next few days. In the mean time – be nice to the new guy!


Greetings from Runetotem Fellow Wow gm’s and Players

Well as one of the more recent albeit slow to post additions to this site, i will attempt to give you a brief idea of who i am. My in game name is Bellemorte, I run a alliance raiding guild on runetotem Called vindicated. Were relativity successfull inso far as we are actually making progression in SSC/TK but are no where near hyjal yet. I run an adult guild yes you read that right, adult. This means were probably less mature than the 16 year olds on the server, and pretty much everyone ill be writing about is 20 + age wise.

I’ve been playing wow since it came out, didn’t beta though. I’ve run guilds on two servers in wow, and also when i was in galaxies. I’m an extremely blunt person, and cut to the chase allot. Not a yeller and screamer though , at least when it comes to raids 😉 And oh I’m a girl 😛 This makes for some interesting wow situations. I work full time as technical support, Have a boyfriend who thankfully understands wow more important than valentines lol. Yes my priorities are screwed up, at least i don’t call in sick to work to play games…. well most of the time.

 The guild is structures as a dictatorship, i haven’t found raiding to work any other way. I’ve got two fill in Gm’s that are my voice when I’m not around, and about 8 or so officers of varying flavours. They keep peace in the guild keep the drama to a minimum, and make it so come raid time everyone is ready to roll and not pestering me with things like, where do i get the strat, i forgot my flasks, i forgot to repair, Wahhh so and so stepped on my toes. Although i very very rarely if ever get the last one.

I’m pretty wordy, and a horribly bad typer so if there’s spelling mistakes, or grammatical ones. Don’t point them out i don’t care, as long as you get the drift of what I’m saying.

 Anyhoodle, this is my introduction. Now to some of the fun stuff. I’ll be posting in spurts as i have time.


“Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome. C’mon in!”

Greetings, fellow bloggers! As the newest addition to the GuildMasterpiece Theater crew, I thought that I would take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Eszti and I am a long-time player of World of Warcraft having participated in the open beta-testing. While originally a Horde supporter and an active member of a number of PvP servers, I was eventually coerced by a good friend to reroll Alliance on the Feathermoon US roleplaying server. There I joined the ranks of prepubescent teens everywhere by rolling my Night Elf, a hunter by the name of Eszti Nightwing.

I am currently guild master and co-leader of a medium-sized roleplaying guild on the Feathermoon US server. Known as The Regiment, the guild is comprised of a tight-knit group of eclectic individuals mostly located in a small town somewhere in the Midwest. I am one of the original founding members of The Regiment, which was conceived in early August of 2006. Since that time I’ve held both the second- and top-ranked positions within the guild, having served as Guild Master for well over a year now. I balance my responsibilities as guild master with working fulltime, an admittedly lacking social life, and a rather robust raiding schedule; the guild’s success, however, can be attributed to my fellow Generals and the wonderful people beneath my command. Without their help, The Regiment wouldn’t be as half as successful as it currently is.

I look forward to interacting with all of you and sharing my thoughts in upcoming months. While I probably have a lot to say, for your sakes I hope that it’s worth the read!

The End

I am sorry to inform anyone who reads this that I will me taking a heitas from WOW for reasons that I will not specify here. Unfortunately that means that I will be giving my giving up my guild into more capable hands. Thankfully I have an officer willing to lead and he will be great at it too. So this is my resignation on as a writer here on GuildMasterpiece Theater.

It may have been short, but I am glad that I had the chance to write here and I will continue reading and commenting on the site. Good luck to yall and keep having fun!

Your 🙁 GM,


Hello all. Night Elf rogue on the server Tichondrius. Former guild master, and soon to be one again. Now all I need is 9 signatures /sigh. Oh well, let the hunt begin. I like to run a more laid back guild, where chat flows freely and fun is sure to be had as long as things are taken care of. I’ve been playing since Fall of 2006, and still enjoy playing. My main is Illuminado 70 Night Elf Rogue, and am currently working on my Draenie Paladin. (Currently lvl 56) I hope to have a good run on Tich, and as soon as I get the guild up and running things will hopefully start to take off.


I am a level 70 Undead Mage named Nwb on Stonemaul. Co-Guild Leader of RAGE, an end game raiding guild. I have been playing wow since original beta, and do not plan on quiting anytime soon. My original guild was Wreckoning, where I was also GM, which was a casual friends and family guild. Eventually some of those friends decided they wanted to raid hardcore and left us, and you know what? We decided we wanted to do that to. So here we are!! I hope to share some laughs, some ups and some downs of being a GM in a end game guild. Doing Black Temple and Hyjal 4 nights a week is tough, LOTS of fun and also alot of headaches. Here you will see my experiences.

Hi from Rusha

Hi guys

I’ll briefly introduce myself before heading off to bed :). My real name is Shauna and Im the mother of four kids (youngest just started school /cry) and also work about 30 hours a week for a youth counselling service and women’s health here in Australia.

In addition to that I run a successful raiding guild on Dath’Remar. Conclave (my guild) was started about a month after WoW was released but i haven’t been guild leader for that long. I think Ive held the reins for about 2 years but im not really sure anymore. We have cleared SSC and are just starting to work on Kael. Conclave has been through many ups and downs but one of its strong points is its ability to survive just about any disaster. We survived being on a US server (not many Aussies to recruit from), massive DC problems in BWL, people quitting the game/guild. We’ve struggled on some bosses for what seemed ages and dealt with the fallout from that, transferred servers and recruited more. Some are great, some were not so great. We survived two guild splits (small groups who needed something different to what Conclave could offer branched off) and still manage to stick to the guilds ethos. We have very little drama thankfully and in all, Conclave is a happy place to be.

GanonIS joins the team

Hi yall, GanonIS here and happy to be aboard. 🙂 Just made a guild with a new character on Shandris server called Order of the Storm and we are having lots of fun lvling together. I am curently power lvling my 40 mage with my guild and we have had some crazy fun. 2 years of playing WOW has taught me just how good things can get
and just how badly things can go wrong.

The one- the only- Kaylee!

I am a lvl 70 Human Warlock ( but only IRL). I’m Co-GM (couldn’t do it alone- we’re just too much to handle!) of the guild <Indecent> on Elune server and we’re a breakaway guild. Just a bunch of friends and some casual raiders- and the occassional wack-job or two.

We have lots of guild contests, and lots of great players ( and ten million alts)

<Voiceover>: We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

Vinay says Hi!

My name is Vinay and I play a 70 feral druid on the Frostmourne US server (Oceanic). I’ve been playing WoW since January of 2005 on a few different servers and many characters before settling down on Frostmourne. I lead a PVE-progressive guild called Daimyô. We’ve been running for about 2 months and are currently working on Kael’thas. While blogging about my experiences here, I hope to provide you with some comedy and maybe even insight, and to read about yours as well!