Class balance, and recruitment.

It is inevitable as a raiding guild that once you stop taking recruits that still need there khara gear recruitment becomes harder. Now im fortunate, in that i still have many options availible to me as we have never opened our recruitment to the public. But how do other raiding guilds deal with the people who say they can’t raid for 3 weeks, do you grab someone to fill that spot or do you over recruit and always juggle people in and out of your runs?  We tend to have about 4 people sitting out every night. Any more than that and i feel guilty that we’ve got too many people. ideally, this is a healer, a tank, and 1 melee and 1 caster dps. This is the balance i strive for as a GM. Recently i’ve had alot of people who have had to stop raiding for a portion of time. There not gquiting, and they will be back but how do you fill those temp positions? Is it really fair to recruit new people knowing full well in a month your going to be struggling to get them into a raid? Or do you struggle along knowing these people will be back, hoping nothing else comes up. Currently im skirting the line inbetween. If there going to be gone for more than a couple weeks im bringing someone in for there spot. If there not then i usually hold there raiding spot for them.  I’m curious how other raiding guilds deal with this.

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  1. I’ve heard of two possibilities to this. I say “heard” because I’ve never run a guild with a fixed amount of raiding slots before.

    First, they rely on alts. An alt that gets gear when the main isn’t raiding can often times get almost as geared as someone else’s main. This is hard to fill a slot like Tank, but can easily work in a pinch for a healer or a specific type of DPS (need a lock for banishing + dps).

    The second way I’ve heard people deal with this: mains tend to get more than one set of gear. For example, I’ve got nearly full S3 on my warrior and nearly full T4 tanking set. Obviously I favor DPS, but can tank anything our guild is progressing through at the moment. Many classes can do this too, it’s just a matter of helping them prepare ahead of time. Especially since the tier sets are not unique, you can have multiple sets of T4 or T5. This becomes harder to do as you move through T5 and T6. Then when your main tank goes on vacation, you don’t have to stop raiding. This means taking one DPS and turning them into a tank for a week or two, but filling a DPS slot is usually easier than filling a tank slot.

    The final option that I have always used is to keep a larger guild roster… with the raiders having higher ranks in the guild. This way the raiders have priority while the casual players can help fill the empty spots during absences.

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