Contingency Plans?

I recently returned to WoW after taking a 2 week break. In a nutshell, my girlfriend became emotional about the amount of time I was spending in the game and expressed concern that she was losing me. In a fit of drunk devotion I uninstalled the game and gave her the discs for safe keeping. Sometimes you have to take drastic action to prove your point.

 I kept in touch with my 5 Officers using the guild website and instant messenger, and it quickly became apparent that without the GuildMaster online, and without a strong contingency plan in place, the members’ faith in HOTA started to wane. I had been leading our first forays into Karazhan, and with the raid leader gone a few of our best raiders jumped ship (some people have no patience). There were also a number of confrontations between the Officers and some of the more outspoken guys in the raid which caused a lot of discontent.

 The Officers I left behind have all been competent enough in the past but usually required my support on anything that required leadership, and I think they floundered a little when I wasn’t online to boss them around.

 I’m now taking steps to make sure there is a better contingency plan in place if anything should happen to take me away from the Guild in the future, and to make sure that the raiding continues. I’m giving some of my raiders experience in organising and leading the Karazhan runs, and intend to promote another Officer or two, preferably some strong leaders.

 Does anyone have such a contingency plan? Do you have any suggestions I could use myself?


4 thoughts on “Contingency Plans?”

  1. Hmm, our guild does not have this sort of contingency plan, but the question inspires me to bring it up with our own officers this week.

    I’ll be keeping my eyes open for further comments here. 🙂

  2. In corporations, this is called Business Continuity Planning. How to recover the business from disaster? What if X person gets abducted by aliens? Some people use the “What if X person gets hit by a bus” but I find that somewhat morbid.

    Think of your guild master position the same way. You do have full and unlimited control of the guild in such a way that only Blizzard can take it away from you. This is even more power than people have in a company. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. But despite this, you still have to think about who will take over when you aren’t around.

    A good way to handle this is by assigning a Co-GM or some such. For this, it is absolutely vital that you trust this person fully. You should probably have other ways to contact this person… such as cell phone. I was on a ski lift in Colorado when my Co-GM from Texas called me to update me on guild events even though I wouldn’t be able to log on again until I got back to Virginia. This person isn’t someone you can just promote, they really have to push their way into this position and it will feel somewhat contrary to your authority. Which was really hard for me to deal with… but I don’t see any way around it.

  3. We don’t really have a contigency plan as such. Ive been looking after Conclave for years and my partner knows my account details. I also have another officer who has next level of full guild control. That plus we’ve had this guild for so long it would just keep ticking along.

  4. I need to hear more thoughts and ideas on this! It is killing me that I can’t take two weeks off raiding, it is like the second I miss three raids in a row… bam something huge happens!

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