Drama…. again?

I know someone wrote a post about this earlier, and now I am in a similar predicament…

We have a player that raided with us for a while, went a little loopy, /gquit and then came back as a casual, non-raider… he promptly /gquit again hours later, and we were like oh well… because he brought a lot of drama with him.  and, frankly we were glad to get rid of it.

Well, fast forward three months, and he wants back in.  He just wants to hang out and not actually raid.  (We have both casual and raiding players in our guild.)  Well, when the officers saw his app it was a unanimous no.  A couple of his real life friends are in the guild and they are pretty upset that he wasn’t let back in to the guild, but we just don’t want to deal with the “bad apple” that he used to be.

Apparently he has gotten his life back together and his friends assure me the drama is over, but I just don’t know if it is a risk I am willing to take with my awesomesauce guild!  On one hand, I feel like everyone deserves a second chance, but on the other… I kinda feel like he already got his… alas.

3 thoughts on “Drama…. again?”

  1. Ahh, This is a tough case, though I would lean towards declining this person for now. We had something similar happen, and even though the “new re-recruit” really was a changed toon and played nice, the veteren folks were not as understanding and held the grudge. Sadly, there is no best answer in these cases, since I personally ascribe to “let them try again, it’s only a game”, but in the interest of maintaining your awesomesauce-ness….it’s a tough call that might require some tough love.

  2. In handling any sort of incident in my guild – or any guilds that I have managed in the past – I’m partial to taking each on in a case-by-case basis. I’ll be fair, but don’t expect me to be equal; different situations and different individuals require different recourses.

    I’m of the opinion that talking to the guy would be a good initial step. If you don’t know why he left I’d recommend finding out the reason now. If anything, it’ll help you to recognize future issues that might arise if other people in are in the same boat (for example, if it was a personality issue with an officer or a disagreement over guild policies). If it sounds reasonable, I’d probably continue to speak with him to see if he’s honestly changed. If not, he gets the boot; if he has, then I’d sit down with my officers and discuss the possibility of bringing him back on a probationary status while pointing out that this is his final chance. If he leaves again with that knowledge, then I’d wash my hands of the situation.

    Of course, that decision also depends on what sort of drama came up before. If there’s mild distaste in bringing him back because he left, then that’s not too bad. Something serious, however, such as harassing a player or similar asshattery probably would probably nix his chances in returning.

  3. Yes I would talk to him but Id also keep in mind that hes had a few chances. My first reaction is that I would decline him but yeah, see what he has to say. Let us know what happens.

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