Fitting in

A large part of being in the guild is fitting in with the people in the guild. And while this is not usually a problem, it tends to come up from time to time.

Today some of the guildies were talking about loot and general game info and one of the new players to the game started asking about what some of the terms ment. Most of the members more than willing to be helpful and answer this guy’s questions, but after a while one of the more experiences players starts badmouthing the guy telling him to “shut up you noob and learn to play”. Now I wasn’t very happy with this and decided to send him a whisper telling him that everyone has to start somewhere and one of the guild rules is no hating. Now in the mean time the people who were paying attention to chat started to get annoyed with this guy and it turned into a small fight that ended with the jerk leaving cause he doesn’t want to play with a bunch of noobs.

Right then some of the players drew closer together, united against this jerk. Those kinds of guys can really discourage new players and really wasn’t worth keeping anyways. The guildies recognized this and stood up for their fellow member. Its times like this when I realize that all the work that I put into the guild is actually helping people, its working and that, even though its just a computer game, it can bring people together to have a great time.

2 thoughts on “Fitting in”

  1. I have noticed that sometimes when something like this goes down it actually ends up helping the guild instead of hurting it… crazy how that happens though 🙂

  2. Nothing like some guild drama to get everyone onside hey.
    After BC came out some of our long time members levelled to 70 really fast and then left the guild (not one has succeeded btw). It was really amazing how the remaining members pulled together and stuck it out.

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