Full Time Employment Opportunities – Apply Here

That’s pretty much what it should say when making a recruitment post, because raiding is a full time job.

My guild raids 4 days a week, (Sun-Mon-Weds-Thurs) usually 3 hours each weekday night, and 5 hours on Sunday, and now that we are really starting to go through BT, we are having “farming sessions” on our off days…..and that’s just counting the in game time. For GM’s and Officers, especially in my guild, we do preparations the rest of the time. I go to work at 8am and log on my pc, open my email, and log on AIM, in that order. First thing I do is message my officers with my everyday “morn”, to which they respond, and from that point on, for the rest of the day, in between doing our REAL jobs, we discuss the previous nights raid, discuss strats, class makeup, and attendance for the upcoming raid(s), oh and how bad John Doe did. On my way home, I am thinking about the raid, on my cell with some of my officers, just getting ready to go. That’s pretty hardcore!! My wife says “It’s pretty nerdy”. But I enjoy it. It’s what makes me happy, and it’s what I love doing most in World of Warcraft.

Once the invites start, its up to us, the officers, sitting in our own little private vent channel, to sort out who we will carry from each class and why. Finalizing what bosses’ we will do and in what order, and deciding just how far we want to go tonight. For us, lately has been a ton of progression; we cleared Hyjal in less than a month, while still doing SSC, and The Eye, and starting to work on the first few bosses in BT, all at the same time. So every night is pretty much full of excitement and new loot. Which means when I log off, I am pretty pumped up, so when I go to bed, I am still thinking about how well (or bad) we did that night. This really pisses my wife off, as she is trying to sleep and eventually tells me: “Either stop moving and go to sleep, or go sleep on the couch.”… well I hate sleeping on the couch when I have a nice warm, big bed right here, so that’s were Real Life kicks in, and I start to get the rested xp.

Point is, without the officers in my guild we would be nothing. These guys and gals, are my online friends, who I talk to in game, out of game, on the phone, and through email. We are a pretty close guild, and without any of these people our guild would probably still be doing Karazhan.

To them I say, Thank you!

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  1. My officers are the reason I have a guild. With out them I could never have put it and kept it all together.

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