Fun Purples on Regular! I love it!

Okay so there isn’t really a lot of stuff my main needs from regular MrT, but I have to say that there is totally some stuff my just turned 70 priestie can use, and to start her off, she got her super cool purple healing ring with a socket from the last boss, and a shiny new phoenix hatchilng!  (Add that +22 healing quest reward gem, and bam that is a nice little ring.)

I think it is super fun to have those little purples at the end of those instances, and I particularly enjoy the fact that on heroic purples drop the whole time!  So far, for me at least, that instance is full of win.  Now if my silly server would just unlock that BADGE vendor.  🙂

One thought on “Fun Purples on Regular! I love it!”

  1. We just unlocked the badge vendor last Friday on Spirestone. Small server or not… it takes a while…

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