So my guild has finally done it, we’ve dropped khara for more time to be spent in 25 mans. After all of the arguing that people normally do about who gets in and who doesn’t there was a suprising lack of argument about it. We will see how long the calm holds lol. Hopefully this will allow us to get those last two bosses down so we can start working on vash, and kaelthas. Anyone got any important tips and tricks for these two fights they look a little insane needless to say. I was watching a vashj video the other day and all i can think is wow… this is going to be a test of my micro management skills. Suggestions would be appreciated.

On the note of khara i’ve started sending anyone who apps, without the correct gear to a friends guild that is only runing khara and ZA with the intent that he sends me anyone who wants to go farther than there guild is and has the gear. Mu ha! im sneaky 😀 but its a good exchange for both of us, i get the people hes going to loose anyways, and he gets a constant influx of people who need what there doing and will show up and take it seriously.  and hey there half trained by the time they get to me. I’m not a fan of training raiders from scratch. You know the simple stuff, like kill order, mt target list, don’t pull threat you will splat, etc…

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  1. Dropping kara was a BIG deal for our guild, but it totally paid off in the long run. The cool part about it is that you can just run and pug it on an off night for fun. I love to tear up some kara!

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