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I read lots of bad things about loot council but it works for Conclave. We used a loot system before BC which worked very well but was very labour intensive. Since BC we decided to try loot council. We keep track of attendance and loot received and go by that. If someone has scored tons of loot we might get them to sit out but thats not a common thing. Mostly, eligible people are just asked to roll on the item and so be it. We share out Tier pieces so people can get the benefit of their set bonus’ and if mains don’t want gear we let people roll for offspec. Offspec isn’t really counted as loot so its no biggy. Occasionally there is an issue where someone feels they should have been allowed to roll but thats usually sorted out quite easily afterwards.

Do you guys use a loot system and are you happy with it?

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Im the guild leader of Conclave, a Horde raiding guild on Dath Remar. Ive been the guild leader unofficially and officially for about 2.5 years now (thereabouts). We have cleared SSC and almost through TK. In real life im the mother of four kids, 3 cats and a dog. I also work 30 hours a week and manage the guild. Busy busy.

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  1. We use something very similar to what you use – basically at each looting time, two officers or more are present (Kara or otherwise). Everyone eligible for the item is asked to post the item they would be replacing. Mains get priority over alts, PvP gear must be replaced with PvE gear, and primary spec gets priority over offspec. Sounds easy enough, right?

    The only hard part is actually deciding who gets the loot. 😛

  2. As outdated as it may seem we still use Dragon Kill Points. Generaly the more dedicated players will get the best gear which works out well enough. And if some one realy wants an Item then they will do more for the guild to get it. On the rare ocasion there is a tie in points we just roll on it, pretty simple, not too many arguments (although you do get the occasional winner, o well).

  3. We roll for loot. It is kinda crazy, but so far it has worked. Mains > Alts > OffSpec. We have a new member trial period where new members aren’t allowed to roll on loot, but we usually give it to them over an alt over an offspec, just because our members seem to be pretty generous. We try to keep it real and remind people that their stuff WILL drop again. 🙂

  4. We use loot council also. Our guidelines (not set in stone rules)are core tanks/healers > core dps/cc > casual tanks/healers > casual dps/cc > minor upgrade > alts > off-spec. Works pretty well, only one major incident where none of us saw a rogue link his replacement (core raider and massive upgrade)and we gave the loot to someone else for which it was a minor upgrade. We told teh guild what happened apologised in gchat. He has since gotten his upgrade (the very next time it dropped), but overall, we really like loot council.

  5. Yeah we’ve had one or two or three problems due to an error in judgement. We haven’t had any huge dramas come from it though. Well not for a long time.

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