Loot hates me

So we had one of those days today where absolutely nothing good would drop. We went into ZF prepared for some great new gear, but very little came up. We started out without any leather wearers and the pieces dropped like crazy. After a couple people left we got a druid and rouge, but mail started dropping every where right after the shaman quit. Then the drops people were hoping for didn’t drop. No shiny swords, no pretty cloth headbands. It was a crappy day for loot, but at least we got some stuff for the guild bank and we had a good time.

…grr I want that headband.

2 thoughts on “Loot hates me”

  1. I know exactly how you feel, we have had 1 mage/druid/rogue pease drop in the last 14 T6 drops. Its horrible. 2.4 will at least add 1 more extra piece.

  2. Yep, know the feeling. As a holy priest, I went through Scarlet Monestary looking for the “Hypnotic Dagger” a minimum of 16 times. My friend took count, as it became a joke with myself and our other priest where neither of us seemed able to get it! BAH!

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