“I be da predator! You da prey…”

I’d like to take a moment to first apologize for my continued absence on this site. I’ve been a bit busy juggling word, a somewhat-active social life, raiding, and guild master responsbilities lately, and I’ve to figure out how to get my muse to write for me rather than just giving inspiration. Hopefully my availability will increase in future weeks!

That said, The Regiment grew tired of full clears of Karazhan and has decided to assault the troll-infested forests of Zul’Aman. Tuesday evening was our first time stepping into there, though I’ve been doing almost weekly runs since 2.3 first released the instance. For a ragtag group of casual players, I’d like to say that we did exceptionally well: we managed to down Nalorakk, we lombasted Akil’zon (despite having the gauntlet bug up on us no less than three times, causing multiple resets of the event), and our sole attempt on Halazzi resulted in getting him down to 32%. I full expect to be hitting Malacrass within the next week or two.

So, congratulations, fellow members of The Regiment! We’re taking the moment to organize our second Karazhan group in light of our most recent success – it’s mainly intended for the recent influx of recruits we somehow managed to snag, though I’m certain that a number of long-term members will either contribute on their mains or newly level alts.

Too Many Chiefs…

Man, sometimes in a raid I feel like we have too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  (Is that statement not a politically correct cliche anymore.)  And I kind of feel like powerless to stop it.  It seems like every once in a while we will get a member of the guild who has decided he/she wants to prove to everyone just how awesome he is, yelling at people to use potions, posting damage meters, yelling at people to prepare… and all at the wrong times… and why oh why does he always have to be a close friend to someone in the guild that actually matters?  I mean, my first response is to just kick him, but I can’t.

I hate when my hands are tied!

Alt Overload

Well, I finally decided to get an alt to 70.  I have tried many times, got bored with it, and then went back to the hunter.  I didn’t want another dps class, and the only think as easy to level as a hunter is of course a lock.  So I decided that I would roll a priest, and by golly, I think she just might make it!  She is sitting pretty at half way to 66 right now, and has plenty o’ questing to do.

But then what happens when I get her there… more faction rep, more kara, more of ALL that stuff… sightara.  When you are leveling, you sometimes forget that the game BEGINS at 70.  But, it does.  I think for now I will just worry about getting her kara keyed.  You can get into OHB at 66, right?

Maybe I will start a fun kara alt night.  KarAlt ’08?  It could be fun… or it could be hours of wiping on moroes! >.<

Adding new officers to the ranks…

Well, we had an officer that due to RL stuff just couldn’t be an active member of the guild anymore.  This made us all very sad, but we definitely saw it coming since his play time was dramatically reduced.  We were disappointed, but excited at the chance to get to elect a new officer!  We actually got to talking, and we are taking on two officers in his place, a healing officer and a dps officer (one of our original officers is a tank so we have that covered.)  We are actually super excited about doing this!  Instad of class officers, we have kind of grouped them into three groups… that way if someone needs help the officer can either help them, or know who to send them to for help.  I hope it works!

Kharazan, why???

How is it that a guild with over half of ssc and tk on farm could feasibly have issues in khara???

I’ll tell you how. People think its like going to mc and not worth the attention they need to pay. Yes even a guild with everything on the go, slacks off in khara. And wipes because of it. Now im all for laying back and having fun but damn!!! wiping in khara Children Please!!! I just want to kill em when we do it. So please if you are a player in a raiding guild, don’t assume just cause its on farm you can be a retard. I’ve started handing out soap on a rope in raids to the idiots… usually followed by a threat to boot them and bring in someone with attention paying capabilities.

Don’t slack off, your gm/raid leader will hate you for it.
And contrary to popular theory WE DO REMEMBER, especially when were doing invites for the big raids you actually care about getting into.

 Ok that was my posting spurt for today, might have something more for you guys on the weekend.


PS: that thing above where it says were friendly, i didn’t read that on my volunteer email. I am not friendly, but i do like to rant 😛

Where do the recruits come from??????

My guild is not a public guild.
We don’t recruit publicly ,were not on the progression forums, we don’t run pugs. hell Im not even in the forums recruiting threads. Since i started the thing we have never ever spammed for members or even dropped a hint were recruiting.
So this begs the question how the heck am i turning 10 + people away from the guild a week that don’t know anyone in the guild. I mean i ask this question, and get a oh i’ve heard your a good guild.
FROM WHO?????????
Oh just around.
I mean not that im complaining about the whole not having to recruit thing, but we apparently have a rep.
I have a gm in another guild that litterally obssess about me and my guild. He apparently spends his time bashing us. I didn’t even know who he was until one of my new recruits who came from his guild told me.
All i can say is just Wow, get over yourselves people!

On a side note, i mentioned to my guild we were short healers like a week ago. I now have like 3 more than i need, and 4 more that have apped in. I think my guildies have lists of people that are just waiting for a spot to open up.
He he, ahh well its much better than scraping for people ! /cheers.
I’ve done that a long time ago in another guild it sucked butt. I must have done something right this time.
learn from your mistakes gm’s, be fair, and don’t back down. If you pur a rule in place don’t ever let people walk on it. Never be afraid to gkick those that are not appropriate. This is btw, the 3rd guild i’ve run in two mmorgs.
And im kinda a big influence in my vanguard guild i think if i had more time i’d probably rule the roost there.
Do any of you gm’s have issues sitting back and letting someone else run stuff?
or are we all, full of opinions we know are good and think everyone should listen to even if they don’t take the advice? I think thats part of what makes a good gm. Being able to grab something by the balls and run with it, The backbone being the other part of course.


Belle’s method of dealing with the drama!

Well, first i tell everyone who joins my guild that i will kick your ass out if you start it. And i’ve been known to enforce it on multiple occasions. But sometimes you’ve been grinding away so hard people just loose it over some stupid stuff. Well i had one of these incidents over khara loot of all things. So i decided it was time to blow off some frustration guild style.
The announcement goes up Guild event Sunday 5pm.
Everyone ponders what it will be but, being me i’m as tight lipped about it as a virgin on her wedding night.
Well the time rolls around and i tell everyone to go make level 1 alts, i’ve lined up the locks in the stv arena, and bam its level 1 come as you are tourney style.
This was highly entertaining, we pitted a raid of level ones up against a 70, put them up against each other handed out prizes and fun was had by all.
We followed this up on monday by downing solarian and getting some good time in on alar, he will soon join the ranks of the slain.
As we all know occasionally a break is required. Don’t forget we play wow for fun. Don’t make it a job to your guild.
I’m also looking for ideas on what some of you do for fun stuff to break the stress of your guild.
With vash in our near future i expect well need the ideas.

I’d also like to point out that solarian went down like swiss cheese where as the week before in an hour all we succeed in doing was getting our raid blown up alot ~!


Raid Leaders, Why is it so hard to train one?

I must say, I am recently trying to train an officer to run the raids when needed. Just small stuff like khara and za, or bosses that in theory we have so far on farm we can do them in our sleep. We all credit the stability and success of a raid on the Mt, and the main healers, you can have slightly less on the ball people for anything else but those positions have got to be the best. It just never works if you don’t.

But what about the raid leader, does a slightly less on the ball raid leader really make or break your raid? Does the raid rely on those calls for the things they should be watching that much. Is everyone really that immune to the bars, the warnings, the mobs running around? I mean when your halfway through ssc, do you really need your raid leader to tell you so and so is sacrificed on illhoof in kharazan? In theory, we’ve all been doing this for months and it should be autopilot, i mean khara clears in under 4 hours every week both raids for badges mostly, put a new raid leader in to take charge and all of a sudden its a two night event. Is this due to the raid leader or people not paying attention.

I wondered this, so i decided to get sneaky and slip into the vent channel with the announcements off and see what was going on. I slipped in and i listened to the raid, the new leader was doing much better this week, but it all seemed so stiff, there wasn’t allot of communication, and everyone was quiet because the prior week they had spent the entire raid overriding the raid leader and ignoring the instructions, or outright contradicting them even though they were the correct instructions. So of course they got balled out for that. But all of this brings me down to one question.

No matter how wonderful your raid is, does your raid leader make or break it?

And if as i suspect this is the case, what do you do when you find you need to train a new one, and no one has the  certain something it takes. I’ll tell you now theres not alot of good raid leaders out there that can hold there temper, and solve the problems the raid runs into. I find as time goes on that the people who could be good raid leaders are scared to step up, due to former issues where there stepping up was considered an attempt to take over and caused conflict with the officers.  And so this one way monologue, waunders into a conversation on drama and maturity.

Where do you as guild leaders and members draw the line? We all know the line, the someone that is trying to show there worth, but ends up arguing with the gm instead of listening as they should be. Or the raid leader who can’t handle people stepping up to help them out because they are so much in control. BTW this is me to a slight extent, if im in the raid im in charge Period, Exclaimation point, were doing things my way and no one elses. However i fortunatly listen to my officers and my way has been developed through research and trial and error.  So at least i temper the control freak in me with a little moderation.

 Another question to the guild leaders, Why are you a Gm? Why do you day in and day  out deal with the difficulties, the trials the stress and the sheer time from your real life to be a guild master and raid leader. People rarely thankyou for it. 

I think these are all good questions you should ask yourself. If your confortable with the honest answers more power to you. Anyhoodle back to work now, thats my meandering for the day. Ill put up an antecdote next time i think.


Why I am always a slow writer on the weekends…

Believe it or not, my guild has decided that the weekends are the WORST time for us to raid.  We can’t get consistency in our raiders, and we have trouble making the right groups for the raids, so we just don’t raid on the weekends.  It is fun though… we hit up kara, mag, and gruul with whoever is online, and we just hang out and have a good time.  With all the badge rewards coming out in 2.4 kara is at least a good farming option.  I gotta say though, my guild was late in the game starting out on raiding this content, so I can’t wait for the Xpac.  I wish it was coming out tomorrow!  It will be fun to be on even ground with the other guilds on our server!