So Patch Time…

Well, I spent the better part of last evening healing the new instance, and I did all my dailys like a good little hoardie so that we could open the damn heroic badge dude.  (My server is small… he still isn’t opened up.)  And, I must say, well done so far blizzard, it totally feels like we are in total turmoil right now all running around trying to save the isle, everything seems to be super cool, and that instance is fabulous.  I always said silvermoon was wasted on the under 20 crowd, and now we get to like really experience it.  I mean, I only play Blood Elves… so this is super cool for me.

Now, for the changes… weird how your friend’s list people are a different color, right?  And…. how cool getting to inspect players from the opposing faction?!?  Funtara!  My omen downloaded kind of weird like, but other than that… things seem to be working fine.  So far patch 2.4 is pretty cool in my book!

2 thoughts on “So Patch Time…”

  1. Is there any indication yet of how many times you have to complete the dailies before the next stage opens up? I mean is it a day’s worth of lots of players doing it, or more like a week? 100, 1000, 10000 turnins… I dunno what would be a sensible number for a server.

    The European realms were still down for patching when I went to work this morning, so hopefully things will work ok when I get home and I can have a look at the new zone!

  2. I can’t tell how many turn-ins either. So far, last night it was at 18 percent when I logged on around 4 PM Pacific Time. Then at 9 AM Pacific it was at 50 percent. It was hard to get a metric for how many are required because there were people turning in from both factions and we weren’t sure who was turning in versus who was grabbing the quest to start with. Oh well!

    I downloaded bongos and was equally impressed with the new features of the add-on… and Blizzard’s features that deal with add-ons. The way the add-ons can work with the Interface UI is very cool!

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