“I be da predator! You da prey…”

I’d like to take a moment to first apologize for my continued absence on this site. I’ve been a bit busy juggling word, a somewhat-active social life, raiding, and guild master responsbilities lately, and I’ve to figure out how to get my muse to write for me rather than just giving inspiration. Hopefully my availability will increase in future weeks!

That said, The Regiment grew tired of full clears of Karazhan and has decided to assault the troll-infested forests of Zul’Aman. Tuesday evening was our first time stepping into there, though I’ve been doing almost weekly runs since 2.3 first released the instance. For a ragtag group of casual players, I’d like to say that we did exceptionally well: we managed to down Nalorakk, we lombasted Akil’zon (despite having the gauntlet bug up on us no less than three times, causing multiple resets of the event), and our sole attempt on Halazzi resulted in getting him down to 32%. I full expect to be hitting Malacrass within the next week or two.

So, congratulations, fellow members of The Regiment! We’re taking the moment to organize our second Karazhan group in light of our most recent success – it’s mainly intended for the recent influx of recruits we somehow managed to snag, though I’m certain that a number of long-term members will either contribute on their mains or newly level alts.