The Curator Hump

Tonight will begin HOTA’s fourth week of Lower Karazhan. We have the first four bosses on farm, despite switching the group roster from night to night depending on who is available. But we cannot seem to down Curator.

 Many people don’t seem to realise that Curator is dps a gear-check. If you can down Curator with the gear you have, you should be ok with the rest of Karazhan. If your group can’t put out enough dps, you will grind against Curator for several weeks until your gear improves to a higher level.

 As a result, my raiders are getting discontent. Nobody likes a stop in progression, and especially for the people new to raiding that don’t realise that kills don’t just “automatically” happen, it’s frustrating. Some of the better geared raiders are leaving HOTA to join other guilds that can give them an easier ride through the content. This slows us down even further as we have to find and gear up another person in their place.

 It’s starting to feel like we will be bashing our heads against Curator for some time yet. I have nightmares about that menagerie! Oh when will it end…. I guess even when we do get over this hump, we will have to face the noob-test that is Shade of Aran. That will be interesting!

2 thoughts on “The Curator Hump”

  1. You are absolutely right: Curator is one of the first challenges that a guild faces. It was the first for our guild as well. Nearly a year ago was when we faced this one.

    Basically what you (as guild master) must remember, is that it won’t be the last. First of all, talk to your members individually. I find that getting them on ventrilo is the first step, because it allowed me to run around doing dailies and pvp. Find out what they are prepared for and what they want. Sure other than the usual gear and progression, people still have other needs in the game. Some folks can only be online for 3 hours at a time, how do you work that in? Think about all the different situations of all the different players and how they can all fit together. I would always be thinking about this sort of stuff on my drive to work. Sometimes sitting down and drawing out a little org chart is good too. It helps you realize who is connected to who in your guild. Some people are related, some are just friends, others will follow people to the end of the earth. These are the things you have to know. It helps you keep the guild together.

    When people start leaving, that little org chart will help you realize who you need to cuddle up with and who you can let go. As you start to make those decisions, then you can face challenges like Curator without that fear keeping you up at night. Don’t get overconfident and make sure your members don’t either. Nothing is easy in the game and your next big challenge is going to be even harder: getting 25 people online regularly.

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