The Hilarious /gkick.

Do you have one of those officers who loves to abuse his privelages by /gkicking people and then inviting them back?  Man, I do, and it drives me up the wall.  I mean, the guy is a nice enough guy, and a great officer he just thinks it is funny to abuse his power by kicking people out of the guild and then inviting them back immediatly after.  This, of course, deletes all their user notes, officer notes, and ranking, and upsets the people off when he does that.  It is enough to make a special rank, put him in it and not allow his /gkick privelages.  I do like that blizzard has a lot of stuff set up in the game to allow you to do cool stuff like that, so maybe I should take advantage of it, eh?

One thought on “The Hilarious /gkick.”

  1. hehe sounds like a pest. We had one guy who would get gkicked daily. One day we forgot so he left the guild for us. Was all in good fun.

    As for your guy, make it so you are the only one who can gkick/invite. Or just have another trusted rank/officer who can do it. Would stop your mate in his tracks lol

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