The New Content and Raiding…

Well, now that they have opened up a new instance, a new 25 man, and no longer require keys for BT and Hyjal… raiding is completely different.  It now seems like it is a race to get to see all the instances before WOTLK comes out and guilds that couldn’t get in before are in now.  We definitely jumped right into BT and Hyjal last week and downed a couple of bosses and one in Hyjal with no problem.  It was fun to get to see all the new content, and even though Kael has yet to die, we are enjoying the idea of officially being a black temple guild.  But is it fair to call ourselves a BT guild if didn’t kill Kael?  I mean… we went there, we killed the first two bosses, and we got the loots, but still… Kael… is a thorn in our side!  Will we kill Kael?  You bet your lame ass we will!  Are we planning on doing it soon?  Well, maybe not… Hyjal is just so cool, and the trash comes to you!

Black Temple Guild

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  1. That’s the beauty of 2.4; you can send take your guys to Black Temple and Hyjal, get some Tier 6 quality loot, and then come back and inflict pain on Kael with it!

    I’m guessing it should improve your prospects quite a bit… =)

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