The new DKP system

Okay, so here’s what we came up with… after much deliberation, going back ad forth, and even a fight or two lol

Our new DKP system

Making the switch from SK to DKP:
For the switch we will be awarding 1 point of dkp for each position on the SKG list (#1 spot will get 35 dkp #2 will get 34 and so on)

Earning points
+1 DKP will be awarded to each member that is signed up, on time, buffed and ready for the pull EXACTLY at raid start time
+1 DKP is awarded for a T4 boss kill (gruul/mag)
+2 DKP for a T5 boss (anything in TK and SSC)
+3 DKP awared for a T6 boss kill. (MH, BT and Sunwell)
Additional dkp may be awarded at the end of a raid (this is to compensate for wipe nights on new content, or even just doing a kick ass job of 1-shots)
It is not uncommon to spend MANY nights wiping on some of the upcoming boss fights in T6 dungeons. Bonus DKP will be awarded as necessary

Spending points:

After killing a Boss dropping BoP loot, all players in the raid will be awarded specified DKP. Items dropped will then be auctioned to the highest bidder.
To bid a item, whisper the loot master with your bid amount, (your bid must be higher than the current bid) and the highest bid will be updated in raid chat and vent as they come in, when bidding slows/stops a count will be called and highest bidder wins!

1. You may not spend more dkp then you currently have.
2. You may not retract a bid for any reason, be 100% sure you want the item before sending the whisper. (Mistakes happen, and will be dealt with, but “I changed my mind” is not a valid excuse)
3. All items have a 5DKP minimum bid. (This amount may be increased at a later date to compensate for inflation.)
4. Officers always have the right to loot council for any given item
5.Fake rolls end here, its been done and its been fun, but its over. Do Not Fake Roll.
6.Alts earn DKP for the main but alts are not allowed to spend the DKP. (alts will be brought in at request of a raid leader)
7. BEFORE the loot goes to an open roll, the ALTS in the raid will have a chance to roll on it.
8.Bidding is for main spec only, offspec/pvp and “just for fun” loot will only be acquired by /roll (when no one has chose to spend dkp) IF LOOT GOES TO A ROLL, LOOT GOES TO THE HIGHEST ROLLER. (You have been warned, fair and square, so quit being a girl, and spend your DKP or you could lose it to that brand new 70 in the raid!)
8.Casuals will be able to earn and spend dkp, but remain as last priority for invites, and can not earn standby DKP.
10.Current DKP is displayed in the public guild note, and a full list will be posted here (link)

So, what do you think? Have we gone insane?

3 thoughts on “The new DKP system”

  1. I have always been a big fan of the DKP system. People get points for showing up and raiding, and it gets rid of the players who only show up for raids after the guild has a boss on “farm status” to collect loot.

  2. I have always been a fan of EPGP… ever since I found out it existed that is.

    Basically the system works as follows: you gain Effort Points for working towards the guild’s goals (nearly the same as DKP). But then when you get loot, you gain Gear Points based on the add-on’s calculations. The add-on calculates an items level, stats and location (head, hand, finger, weapon) and gives it a point value.

    So who gets priority for the next piece of loot that drops?

    Priority = Effort / Gear

    Whoever has higher priority gets the loot if they want it. No bidding, just ask for tells. It works really well when trying to prevent someone from getting lots of DKP then dumping it all in one night. Using a DKP system, someone saved up a lot of points from coming to all of our MC raids and then was absent from all of our BWL raids. He came along during one of our full BWL clears (while we were working on AQ40) and because he hadn’t spent a dime, was able to outbid everyone for nearly everything that dropped that night.

  3. I just had to share this:

    I started to get back into WOW again after taking a much needed break from leading or really doing much of anything in-game. From my point of view I’m watching the guild I built crumble as the new guildmaster flails in frustration over the same things I flailed at. And the one thing I realized: so many people want to be officers but they don’t want responsability and nobody wants to be Guild Master.

    I wish I could contribute to this blog, but I guess my email got tucked away with all the spam.

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