Too Many Chiefs…

Man, sometimes in a raid I feel like we have too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  (Is that statement not a politically correct cliche anymore.)  And I kind of feel like powerless to stop it.  It seems like every once in a while we will get a member of the guild who has decided he/she wants to prove to everyone just how awesome he is, yelling at people to use potions, posting damage meters, yelling at people to prepare… and all at the wrong times… and why oh why does he always have to be a close friend to someone in the guild that actually matters?  I mean, my first response is to just kick him, but I can’t.

I hate when my hands are tied!

3 thoughts on “Too Many Chiefs…”

  1. Your hands aren’t tied. Weather there a friend of someone in the guild or not the only whose got a right to yell at the raid is a raid leader gm, or mabe an officer. Anyone else gets a warning then they get globally muted in vent, and or Bound and gagged in guild. This is a rank in my guild chat that makes them able to see guild but not type in it. Make sure the warning is public, your people in guild that matter, know exactly what is expected of them. Warn them if there friend doesn’t knock it off hes on the path to a gkick. Don’t make exceptions just cause he knows someone thats unfair to your guild and annoying to you.

  2. Too many chiefs, not enough braves. Too many chefs spoil the soup. However you want to say it, this is always an issue with GOOD raiders. They are good enough to take a little initiative and start researching the fights. Unfortunately as you say, they also tend to want to give lots of input during raids.

    They key is to channel these outbursts of insight. Talk to them about sending tells during raids (for strategy) rather than speaking over Ventrilo. If this fails, you can set up a key bind to silence all other members of the channel while you open your mic. So they’ll hear you and nobody else. This will stop people from being able to give conflicting information and will also make it so that people can hear you (the raid leader) much more clearly. I have two separate binds, one for this “silence” mode and one for “normal” chat.

    Also, mention to the people who are being troublesome that they need to trust the other members of the raid more. As they trust less, they tend to call out what they believe are necessary pieces of advice. “Heal me!” or “1%!!! KILL THE BOSS” as if your dps had NO idea the boss was about to die. But when they see and know their guildmates, they tend to trust them more… and call out less.

  3. I LOVE the idea of the key bind. Do you feel like letting us know how to set that up? No drama if you cbf.

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