We are gettting GM’s!

Okay, so this is so exciting!  We are totally getting new GM’s to write for the site!  I have set up two different Guild Masters to write for the site now, and I have a couple of others in the wings ready to write as well, I just have to get them all set up!  This is so fun!  Thanks guys to everyone who is contributing, reading, and anything else they are doing with the blog!  I just know this is going to be a great project full of awesome ideas, and great stories!

4 thoughts on “We are gettting GM’s!”

  1. I am glad to be a part of this idea. I think it is so cool that we GM’s have a place now that we can share, Guild Ideas, Guild Horror Stories and the like.

    Great Idea /kudos

  2. This is an amazing idea. It sounds silly, but it’s so hard to talk to other GM’s when you’re a beginning GM yourself- this idea has the potential to help (and entertain) a lot of other GM’s, and even the normal ( as they get) WoW player.


  3. How VERY true this is… I mean… it isn’t like the other GM’s on your server want to give you the keys to kickin their guild’s butt, right 🙂

  4. Yay, a place specially tailored for my new tailor..er…GM priestess.
    Just inherited the title after the usual collapse of former members, and now off to rebuild the guild!

    Glad to read this site and glean tasty nuggets of wisdom from you fine authors!

    Troll priestess, Farstriders

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