Well… we tried suicide kings…

Okay, so we tried suicide kings for a while, even making changes as we saw fit… but it just isn’t working.

The big thing that really doesn’t work is the addon we were using the suicide kings geo mod, and it was basically just a piece of crap.  It didn’t upload to the website properly, it wouldn’t always sync, it was just a mess.  If your guild is looking at going suicide kings… find a different mod… which sounds easy, until you realize there just aren’t that many out there.

The other reason we are looking at another loot system is because of attendance.  We still have people not showing up for wipe nights, or not wanting to come to those ‘raids for the good of the guild’ nights.  So, DKP here we come.  The only thing is that there are SO many dkp addons out there that I don’t even know where to start!  I just keep researching them, looking at them and thinking… hmmmmm I dunno….

ugh… why can’t all the bosses drop some loot for everyone in the raid?

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