What in the world…

‘What in the world..” is the first thought that comes to mind when i log in to see my /g goes nuts!


[Guild] Oh shit..kay’s on, she’s not gonna be happy

[Guild] someone better whisper (name deleted) and tell him she’s on quick so he can log off

It’s amazing the things my guildies think i don’t see in guild chat…

ANYWAYS- it turns out that one of my officers ( a guy i’ve known for a while now- and trusted to boot) has up and /gquit. He wanted to go to a guild that was further along in progression even though they didn’t even offer him a raiding spot. This character was our main healer for raids and a good friend too. Needless to say, i was pretty distraught over this. This all happened about a week ago. This morning when i log in, i find an in-game mail from him asking to come back and saying he’s sorry.

So here’s the question- what in the world do i do?

He’s a good guy, a great player- but if he’s going to just dump the guild when he’s officer and Main Healer for our raids for someone further progression-wise- who’s to say he’s really the best choice for the guild?

What would you guys do?

4 thoughts on “What in the world…”

  1. You know this happens all the time, to most guilds, including mine. I mean it really comes down to how important is the person to the guild. An officer it hurts worse than any other person for the simple fact that you are an officer, you are respected and expected to stay the course, and keep people from wanting to leave the guild. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to leave for further progression, but at the same time, you aren’t in a dead guild, as long as your current guild is progressing, wouldn’t you want to stay there to see the progression, get the loot, dkp, etc, and enjoy those downings with your friends, instead of some random guys, you don’t know, have no connection with, and have to start with nothing over there?

    My way of handling it would be, they are welcome to come back, with 0 dkp, no officer, and start over like any new recruit would. We are allowing you to come back, but you must earn your spot again, because you should have laid all the cards on the table before you chose to leave in the first place.

  2. We’ve had this happen before, but never an officer. It’s been handled a few different ways – 1 person posted an explanation for why they had quit and a public apology on our forums about the issue. They were let back in as an initiate again.

    We take it on a case by case basis – but in this situation, as an officer? That’s a tough one. Much luck!

  3. We finally instituted a rule, you are welcome to apply… like everyone else… I tell ya what… it really keeps them from just leaving! And it offers them a little embarrassment too!

    So I would let him apply, and maybe take him back… but as a new member…

  4. Sometimes the purple loot gets in the way of common sense and good friendship. I personally would let him back in but not as an officer. No way as an officer. Id also be inclined to demote him from MT (at least).

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