What to do about the helpers…

ahh helpers…You know… the people that pst you the very second you log on.  The people who have been on all day and they are dying to tell you about all the drama that has gone throughout the day… even if it was minor, an officer took care of it, let you know about it and all is well now, or even worse, was so minor that there was no reason to bring it up…

I have one of these little busy bees… and I love him to pieces… but WOW… sometimes I just wanna kill ogres for the sixteen minutes I get to log on while I am waiting on the timer for dinner to go off, ya know?

2 thoughts on “What to do about the helpers…”

  1. No kidding… but I loved having these guys around. I got a reputation for knowing everything that happened in the guild. Why? Because when drama broke out, by the time they got around to telling me… I already knew.

    Unfortunately, balancing “what you want to do” and “listening to someone tell you about the drama you already heard about, dealt with, and thought you’d never hear about again” is what guild masters do.

    It’s better to listen to something you’ve heard 15 times than to ever tell a member “I don’t need to hear this”. The moment you say “I know” is the moment they think you don’t care anymore.

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