When I was running a my guild we…

You know you have them… the members of your guild that used to be officers or even guild masters in another guild but are now just regular members of your guild that feel the need to tell you how to do things. Sometimes these people blow my mind with all their suggestions and ideas about how they did things… you know back before everyone got pissed and /gquit or their guild just broke up… I mean, isn’t it obvious to them that the way they ran their guild wasn’t successful because it no longer exists? I wish I had more answers as to how to deal with these people, but usually my response is to smile, thank them for their effort and do things my way. HAHA is that wrong?

One thought on “When I was running a my guild we…”

  1. As a guild leader, you have to have some flexibility. Don’t just smile and nod and send them on their way. Listen to what they have to say, incorporate the good parts into your guild’s system and use it to build something stronger and more efficient.

    While it’s fair to say that their guild no longer exists for whatever reason, keep in mind that they did lead a guild for some time. They had some quality that people followed, even for a short time. Don’t just blow that off. Use them to improve your guild.

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