Why I am always a slow writer on the weekends…

Believe it or not, my guild has decided that the weekends are the WORST time for us to raid.  We can’t get consistency in our raiders, and we have trouble making the right groups for the raids, so we just don’t raid on the weekends.  It is fun though… we hit up kara, mag, and gruul with whoever is online, and we just hang out and have a good time.  With all the badge rewards coming out in 2.4 kara is at least a good farming option.  I gotta say though, my guild was late in the game starting out on raiding this content, so I can’t wait for the Xpac.  I wish it was coming out tomorrow!  It will be fun to be on even ground with the other guilds on our server!

One thought on “Why I am always a slow writer on the weekends…”

  1. Yes, we were pretty late getting started as well. I’m on a pretty slow progressing server though i think the entire server has 3 guilds in Bt at this point, and 1 with it cleared.
    We don’t do weekends, other than kharazan. I find people want to spend there time with there kids, and significant others on the weekends. I run an all adult guild though so thats entirely understandable.

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