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I was on the world of warcraft guild relations forums, when i saw what has to be the most retarded post.

There is a girl Gm, that feels her guild disrespects her because shes a girl. Now having read through the post, it got me thinking. I’ve never had one of my guildies disrespect me because im a girl. Usually because im an alpha female and would rip there nuts off and serve them on a silver platter if they got sexist with me. But the female thing just never enters into it. Theres none of the lashes batting and simpering to get them to do stuff. I’m just like any other gm, get it done or don’t raid your choice.

It got me thinking though, i know a couple gm’s like this. The ones that are soo sensative they cry about drama at night, and can’t kick people who deserve it because they’ll feel bad about it. What does it take to be a good gm? Paitence, strength, disipline, a sence of humour, diplomacy, and the ability to crack the whip. There aren’t alot of gms with the balance for this, its easier in a non raiding guild because you don’t need the organization. But when it comes to raiding guilds if you can’t at least get a passing mark in 5 of those 6 categories, don’t bother leading. It requires a certain detachment and sence of balance to run a raiding guild. You can’t be unfair, or favour people. You can’t be a psycho and just scream at your guild when there wrong. As a gm you must endear loyalty, and commitment from your raiders. People follow you because they choose too, not because they have to. If there only with you for gear, then they will just jump to the next guild thats more progressed than you when the oportunity knocks, leaving you high and dry. 

Think about this when your getting ready to run a guild, its very important and most people dont understand it.


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  1. I also know a few GMs that are a little paranoid…

    When I was GM, we were raiding pretty consistently even though we claimed to be a “casual raiding guild”. All the while, I kept going to bed at night thinking I might log in and find an empty guild roster. No reason for the fear, just unfounded paranoia. Not enough to trouble me to the point where I was losing sleep… just a fleeting image as I caved in to the darkness.

    But to a certain degree, I think that paranoia helped make us successful. Because I feared losing members, I kept talking to them and finding out what would keep them in the guild. And then I would find ways to change the guild to better suit the needs of our best raiders.

    The moment I stopped fearing, the guild started to fall apart. It was also my chance to get away and hand over Guild Master to someone with more time on their hands.

    As a guild master, you can’t let people walk all over you. But on the same token, you can’t walk all over people just because you have the power to.

  2. Im a female GM. I read those posts on guild relations and am amazed at the stuff that goes on. If anything i have more respect because im female and leading a guild, looking after 4 kids as well as working however, i like to think that its just cause im a good gm.

  3. See, I am a female GM too… now I am probably a little nicer about the whole losing members thing than some people are, I don’t like to lose members, and I will bend over to keep them if I need to, but I think I don’t have a lot of that disrespectful thing because I am married, and the younger guys don’t see me as a “chick” but more of a mom type a lot of times.

    I am so amazed that people act like that, but even MORE amazed that the girls let it go on… I would rather NOT lead the guild than let that crap happen.

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