WoW, I actually kicked a player out of my guild tonight.

So, I take a lot of flack. I feel like that is part of the job as a GM, sometimes you just gotta deal with unhappy people, etc. and that is how the ol cookie crumbles. My officers tell me a lot that I am just too nice, and for the most part I probably am, but I feel like keeping people happy and having fun with the game makes your guild a better place to be. I have fun running stuff, so that is how I enjoy my fifteen bucksamonth, but for a lot of people it is the fun of playing with friends, etc.

Sigh, I digress… the point I am trying to make here is I am willing to take a lot of flack from a lot of members, and deal with a lot of unpleasing situations, I think that comes with the territory, but what I am not willing to do is feel disrespected. I get this member tonight that tells me, “I just don’t like you, and I don’t like anything you do, but all my friends are here so I just put up with you.” My response went something along the lines of “Wow, that was a pretty mean thing to say to someone who spends so much time making this guild run.” To which he went on to tell me just how much he hated me, what a b* I was etc. My answer… I actually used the remove member button. I still can’t believe I actually did it, but I did! And you know what… I am okay with it… that guy isn’t in my guild causing me grief anymore, and as a result for my finally growing a pair… my guild is a happier place.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I am not saying /gkick is the first button you need to hit when someone pisses you off, but if they just don’t respect you and all the time you put into the GAME that they are playing. Then guess what… it feels pretty dern good to see “soandso has been kicked out of the guild by Cheetara.”

One thought on “WoW, I actually kicked a player out of my guild tonight.”

  1. It really dont matter if you are a nice GM or a mean 1 . There are people that just wont work in a Guild Enviroment, you done the right thing, 1 bad apple can make the whole bag go bad.
    And bty /gkick is always the answer. Bad players produce bad morale, and a guild does not need that.

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